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  1. Hello there how's it going.:)

  2. love that song from Steroes xD

    "doo-wop doo-wop, even tho we shudn't summer girl u rite for me =p

  3. Hmmm, No not really I just wanted to thank you for coming to visit my profile :]

  4. When you say "Thanks for the Profile View" I assume you're saying Thanks for giving me all the attention I want?

  5. lol. Don't forget about it =) zomg did you hear about the swine flu!

  6. lmao, I actually didn't yet. I'm sorry. :(

    I probably will tonight though. I'm with some friends and we're gonna watch a bunch of disney-type older movies and whatever else we can find. I'll make sure we watch Enchanted tonight.

  7. So did you ever watch Enchanted?

    lol =D

  8. okay have fun with that, byee

  9. lol, You should watch Godzilla then, I heard thats a thrilled :D

  10. Hahaha, I could possibly watch that. I'm aiming for something a bit more scary though. :P

    Damn it still can't find anything. BOO.

  11. You should watch Enchanted =D

  12. meh, the usual...Not much stayin up all night you?

  13. I could not help notice you checkin' out my page, haha. What's up?

  14. Same here I suppose. I can't sleep for some reason. So I'm wasting my time on CDC and lookin' for movies to watch.

    Don't know what to doooooo.