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  1. Hey, you said your taking sig requests, was wondering if you could do a Rypien one.

  2. [OFFICIAL] Canucks Pictures Thread - 09/10

    Can somebody get me a pic of any NHL player that you think has good flow? I'm gonna make another sig like my katy perry one
  3. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    Master Chief
  4. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    second ever render Tim Connoly
  5. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0 works well for beginners too, or just download a photoshop trial and once that runs out download another version of photoshops trial
  6. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    can somebody render this: it might be a little hard on his hair.
  7. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    could someone render these please.
  8. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    can someone please render me a picture of joe flacco, and send it to me in a pm if you can. thanks.