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  1. You hit the nail on the head Brother. Bro Fake had 3 years to learn anything about any sport and still failed. He was handed every question he ever asked and still messed it up. Sad we won't hear him talking about partying with the "Loverboy"and getting hammered with Anne Murray. Oh well we'll cope somehow.
  2. He doesn't really exist. He is just a memory implant from Total Recall. (I have an inside source)
  3. True, however how many of those guys would be ahead of him on a power play? Not ready for prime time but will get a look see at some point for a few games. Especially if the PP is like last year.
  4. WoW Schultz is available?? OMG maybe we could get Messier and Gretzky to convince him to go to the Oilers again.
  5. BDA

    Very true. He also set the record for points by a 17 year old D man in the world juniors this past year. Coaches push learning to play defence until they're a little older. He even mentioned that he's looking forward to getting more freedom this coming year.
  6. Peculiar that you never learned to detect sarcasm.
  8. Pretty sure Benning invented cancer too.
  9. I'm pretty sure he killed JFK too.
  10. Hammer will be signed by Edmonton. They need D and they're the closest team to his home town.
  11. If we intend to keep The Canuck name, then a Canuck should be our symbol. If you don't like a Canuck symbol (any one of the styles) we should change the name. I'm tired of seeing signs in other stadiums saying "What is a Canuck" I say redesign a modernized Canuck symbol or change the name and stop this constant uniform discussion. The TV logo, the Spaghetti dish heading downhill and the lumberjack, no wonder the team is schizophrenic they can't even get an identity.
  12. Remember that the draft is a big poker game. Whatever Benning or any GM says is designed to throw off other teams as much as expressing his true intentions. Think about it why would he tip his hand about who he really wants? If he's not trying to throw off the other teams he should be fired.
  13. Everything is great with the current uniforms, remove Vancouver. Nobody cares where the Orca came from. The Orca is the apex predator in the ocean, and they're all around the area and often right in our harbour. The fans around the league don't know anything about Orca Bay.
  14. Banning knows that to build a house you need to demolish the old one. Remember what Torts said... "This team is stale and needs changes" Ther's been a lot of dead wood carved out by Benning.
  15. I couldn't agree more. btw Maguire pointed out that he was the number 3 d man in ice time during the regular season because he got 0 power play time.