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  1. I don't know if anyone has mentioned it but Hamhuis is on the last year on his contract and a no trade clause. The OP has inferred that he has another year on his contract in his synopsis. generalfanager.com
  2. Verdict on Vey

    Benning is allergic to 2nd round picks so he gets rid of them asap. A good idea I'd like to see him adopt is not to listen to his coaching staff when they say "He hasn't been given a fair chance,  when he played for me he was great, so I can turn him around no problem. Give up a 2nd rounder he's worth it"  That's how you end up with Sven (Uttica coach's wet dream) and Vey (Willie's wet dream) My Calgary friends always laugh and say thanks for the 2nd especially where the Canucks will end up. Perhaps Benning should do the GM's job.
  3. [PGT] Canucks @ Flames | Flames lead series 2-1

    Benning is building a Bruins type team??? How about the fact he just traded 2 very good second round picks for Vey and Sven!!!
  4. Jacob Markstrom sent down to Utica = Miller is back

    If Lack has a bad game or two or god forbid an injury would you like Miller coming in or Markstrom?
  5. How long can the two clowns on the early show on 1040 keep they're jobs? One knows nothing about sports, the other just says things for any reaction. Their manufactured laughs/energy fool nobody. I go to tune in radio and find a tsn or sports net station anywhere in Canada until 10am and then tune back into 1040.
  6. The phone call that killed Gretzky-to-Canucks

    A- Gretzky has said many times that he had a desire to be on a line with Bure. (The two of them were the best goal scorer and passer of the day) B- His wife like was an L.A. resident and former actress. C- Gretzky had a deep respect for Quinn. D- Think of the amount of free agents he would have attracted. (in a time of no salary cap) E- The players he played with all elevated their games because he would have been on the bench and probably captain. F- Think of the prestige he would have brought us. Plus he would have retired here and been an attractive ambassador. G- How many Cups have the Sedins brought us?
  7. 3rd Jersey Schedule

    Anything but the Stick in the Rink. I use that logo to help me fall asleep!
  8. [GDT] Canucks vs Ducks | Jan 27, 2015 | 7PM PST | SNP

    Wait.... Pretty sure you said Kassian challenged someone. If true that means we can have the next outdoor game in HELL !!
  9. [PGT] Canucks @ Predators

    Unfortunately the summary as i see it is... "Gillis the super disease that just keeps on giving. With hard work by Benning & Co. the cure for this disease might be developed over the next 5 years."
  10. Skate logo jersey

    I'll skip it too and just say The Stick in rink is the most boring unimaginative logo in any sport any continent!
  11. I'm more concerned about his complete lack of aggression. When was his last fight or even shoving match? I think Mike Peca was right when he said buffalo gave up on him because he refused to get involved and refused to believe that his primary value was his size and grit. I always remember the rhyme... Came in as a crusher, thought he was a rusher, ended up an usher! Yes he's still young and bigger guys take a little longer, but the time has come.
  12. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks 4- 2 Calgary Flames | OCT 8

    Then why did he try so many times?
  13. Canucks prospect Bo Horvat primed for rookie showcase

    Horvat showed nothing offensively again. I watched all 3 games and against the same level of players he had nothing to show. This is not to say he won't but we don't need another first rounder who is described a "potential solid 2 way player" We need a first rounder described as a "potential sniper or elite offensive player"
  14. 3 years ago today, Rick Rypien left us. RIP

    The Canuck who i cheered for the most!! The under dog who always won!! The giant slayer!! The guy who evened the score for all the times the NHL threw the hinterland Vancouver under the bus!! Rest well and thanks for all the thrills!!
  15. Who will Benning draft?

    He's done great at the combine including first in the important VOX test.