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  1. I’m certain it wouldn’t work that way. First off, Luongo filed his retirement papers. That would effectively terminate his contract and trigger not only the recapture penalty. But I assume it would have implications for his pension as well. But for arguements sake. Let’s say you could “un-ring that bell”. You couldn’t just do a paper transaction. Luongo wouldn’t be able to work for the Panthers. His salary would still be due by whatever team acquired him. So Ottawa (in your example) would be on the hook for his salary. Unless of course he qualified for LTIR. But if that was the case, he could have chosen to go that route in the first place. So ALL of this would require Luongo’s cooperation. im guessing he’s more than happy to stay in sunny Glorida with his wife rather than move to Ottawa for $1m a year for 3 years. I’m guessing he’s making close to that with Florida as it stands now So again. There’s really no way to get out of the recapture.
  2. Luongo CHOSE to retire. You can’t force him to reverse that. Plus he now has a position with the Panthers. So even if you could work out the rest of the details (not sure why a cheap franchise like Ottawa would chose to pay $3m to a player who isn’t playing), it would be all but impossible to talk Luongo into it. The Canucks and Panthers are stuck with the recapture penalty. Time to move on.
  3. It’s NOT cap circumvention in any way, shape or form. Luongo retired. Players retire every year with term left on their contract. Are their teams guilty of cap circumvention in your keys as well? The cap circumvention occurred when the contract was signed. Hence the recapture penalty for both the Canucks and the Panthers. The fact that Luongo stayed with the Panthers in a new role is immaterial. You can be butthurt about it all you like,(I think the league retroactively punishing teams was a mistake), but the fact of the matter is it was the Canucks management that tried to run an end around on the cap in the first place.
  4. It always circumvented the spirit of the CBA, whether it was legal or not teams knew they were trying to pull a fast one. And saying it was Bettman that changed it is wrong. It was put into the new CBA and agreed to by all the owners and the NHLPA
  5. How exactly is a Luongo working for Florida bad optics? If I’m not mistaken they have a $1m/season recapture penalty associated with the Luongo contract as well. Him taking a job with them is fine. I don’t agree with the after the fact recapture penalty. But teams did knowingly try to circumvent the cap. Vancouver, Florida, and L.A. are now paying the price. With a few more potential teams to join them. A former player taking a new position with his team post retirement is nothing new, not is it anything sinister
  6. Wait. I thought you said he’d be demoted to Utica after training camp and then instantly retire to avoid the embarrassment.
  7. Not on the replay. Never got near his hands. Puck just bounced
  8. Buyout doesn’t save them cap since it’s a 35+ contract. It would save them a bit of cash though
  9. Thing is. It’s not indefinitely, his contract is up after next season. If they don’t see Ericksson being worth his contract they may prefer to take their lumps this year and next year then be done with it.
  10. You would think Vancouver would have to add a fairly significant plus for L.A. To take on the extra year of $6m dead cap space
  11. Yes. He earns the same either way. The ONLY difference if he’s in the minors is the Canucks save approximately $1.1m off their cap.
  12. I grew up in an era where you got SOME local broadcasts plus hockey night in Canada on Saturday’s. The rest was radio. We’re now in an age where you can literally watch any game from any market. I have zero issue with how things are now.
  13. So I assume all the people ragging on a 25 year old Binnington being a finalist would also have a problem with 24 year old Demko being a finalist (in the unlikely event that thst happens)
  14. Using what St Louis did last year as a reason for hope isn’t realistic. They did what literally no team in the history of the league had done before. That said. I seriously doubt the Canucks will find themselves in dead last come January. So they won’t need such an epic turn around