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  1. No. just a couple Olympic Gold medal games. Which they won.
  2. Montreal isn't lacking leadership in the Locker room They have Weber and Price. What they dont have is a lot of cap space. A $4.5m bottom 6 guy who brings nothing the team doesn't already have likely isn't a high priority.
  3. As I said. Montreals bottom 6 has been very solid. They have no need for him. He doesn't even fill a need for a pest. They already have Gallagher and Shaw
  4. Montreals game is built on speed, and their bottom 6 has been very solid. He's not a top 6 guy anymore. So how is he a great fit?
  5. Other than him being French, why exactly would Montreal want Burrows?
  6. Helps fix the goal differential stat
  7. Congrats to Jerome Iginla on playing in his 1500th NHL game
  8. Montreal has $2m in cap space. No way they're interested in the Sedins at full price. doubtful they even have interest at full retention
  9. 6-0 Montreal lol
  10. Way to many moving parts to be realistic. First off an agreement like that made in advance would likely be viewed as collusion by the league. So that kills it right there. But let's say the league was ok with it. You'd have to find a team that could absorb 100% of the Sedins cap hit for the remainder of the year. Vancouver couldn't retain any of their salary because as soon as you do you're restricted from reaquiring that player for a year. I doubt there's a single contender that has that space. Next you need to convince the twins to waive their NMC's. They likely wouldn't consent to it without written assurance that their NMC's stay intact. So you have to do that twice and hope they consent to waive not once, but twice.
  11. Because if you claim a player off waivers they have to be put on the NHL roster. That's the reason for waivers. To give players a chance to stick in The NHL.
  12. Because they fared so well playing under Torts the first time around?
  13. You can retain 50% salary on up to 3 contracts providing that it doesn't account for more than 15% of the upper limit of the salary cap. So Vancouver actually CAN retain max on both Sedins and be within the rules.
  14. I wish people wouldn't use the "if Gretzky can be traded..." arguement. Gretzky was traded in the pre- salary cap era and before there was any such thing as a NMC. The only thing to impede a Gretzky trade was getting value and dealing with the fan base. Trading the sedins is infinely more complicated. There are salary cap issues. The fact that you can't trade just one of them. The upcoming expansion draft. The Gretzky trade doesn't compare. At all
  15. Yeah. Totally get your reasoning. And agree there's not likely a deal to be found between the teams