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  1. I don’t see Montreal having ANY interest in Goldobin
  2. The west was a joke this year. The wild card race went on forever because no team seemed to be able to string together wins. By way of contrast, if the Canucks were in the east they would have missed the playoffs by 17 points. All that said. I really don’t see any danger of the Canucks losing Pettersson. The team is on the rise and should be better soon.
  3. I think you’re jumping the gun a bit in your player appraisals. Pettersson COULD be a 1C. Calling Boeser a 30-50 goal guy is a bit premature considering he hasn’t actually hit 30 yet. He’s come close to 30. But there’s a massive difference between 30 and 50 goals. Horvat at is a very good 2 way centre. But it’s not like he’s anyone’s top vote getter for the Selke. Hughes is looking promising. But maybe let him play more than a handful of games at the NHL level before you annoint him as a legit 1D. I honestly don’t see Virtanen putting it all together. He has some tools but no toolbox. Tryamkin. Meh. The rest of Vancouver’s prospects you listed are interesting. But until we see how they progress there’s really no way to know if any of them will be impact players in the NHL. Vancouver has some great young pieces. Let’s just wait and see how they develop. I
  4. You don’t need a second 1st round pick to do an offer sheet. If the compensation for the offer sheet is two 1st. They are both Vancouvers own picks in consecutive drafts.
  5. Tampa wouldn’t give up Kucherov for Pettersson, Hughes, Boeser and 8th. Let alone your offer.
  6. It’s amazing how old, injury prone players that most fans don’t want on the Canucks anymore can somehow score the 8th overall pick.
  7. You’re crazy if you think any team will give a top 10 pick for Markstrom. He’s 29, a year away from free agency, and literally only has 1/2 a good season under his belt.
  8. If an offer sheet is matched, a club can't trade that player for one calendar year after the sheet is matched.
  9. Goaltending prospects are generally worth very little in trades. They take a long time to develop and their trajectory is difficult to figure out. He’s looking good right now. But that’s the OHL. Vancouver won’t get value out of trading him. Best to hang on to him and see how he develops