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  1. It’s Nesterov that’s linked to LA. Not Tryamkin.
  2. It’s actually top 15 protected this season (if you factor in the condition that Vancouver keeps the pick if they miss the playoffs). If the pick slides to next season there is no protection on that pick.
  3. Ottawa has $41m committed to only 9 players for the 20/21 season. Assuming a cap floor of $61m, that’s $20m split between 14 more players. They aren’t going to have any issue hitting the cap floor. I don’t see this as an appealing trade to Ottawa in any way
  4. Hogberg and Demko have very similar stats (with Hogberg playing on a much worse team). I doubt they’d have much interest in taking on Ericksson for 2 years for a goalie or roughly the same caliber of what they already have
  5. You need to understand how the recapture penalty works. It’s not a randomly assigned amount. It’s the amount the team benefitted from the contract divided by the years remaining. Kovalchuk and Richards both only played a couple years under the back diving contracts so the cap benefit wasn’t that much. Then it was divided by a lot more years. Luongo posted most of his contract so the amount the Canucks benefitted was divided by only a few years. The same formula applied to all three contracts.
  6. I don’t see it happening. Time will tell. But if the cap doesn’t drop I can’t see owners handing blank cheque’s to GM’s who screwed the pooch and signed bad contracts.
  7. Do you honestly believe team owners, who are already taking massive losses, are going to willingly hand 3 blank cheques per team to GM’s to compound their losses? I’d be amazed if there’s even 1 buyout if the cap stays level. If it drops you may see one per team. But 3? Not a chance in hell
  8. It’s indicative within a roster. Like if everyone on the team is a plus except one player, who is a significant- player. That would tell you something. But to just randomly look at a players +\- without that kind of context the stat becomes practically meaningless
  9. Impossible question to answer right now since there’s been no indication from the league regarding what’s happening with the draft
  10. As I said. It’s more of a team stat. If you’re on the worst team in the league, odds are your +\- will reflect that. Shall we discuss the season Edler had a league worst -39? Does that mean he was the worst player in the league that year? It’s a flawed stat. Taken on its own without a boatload of context it’s useless
  11. Tanev, when healthy, is a top notch defender. Problem is Vancouver hasn’t been able to rely on him staying healthy. Paired with a PMD he’s a valuable piece, but he’s logged a lot of hard years for a 30 year old. I’m ok with letting him walk. I’m not sure that Tryamkin is the answer, but time will tell on that front.
  12. Great story. Except he’s missed chunks of games in all three seasons hasn’t he. 62 games, 69 games, 57/69 games “Canucks’ Brock Boeser ready to salvage injury-ridden season if NHL resumes” “This is also the third straight season in which the 2015 first-round pick has missed significant time due to injury: 12 games with a rib-cartilage fracture Boeser suffered Feb. 10.” Take your outrage elsewhere. Also, This is a Tryamkin thread. We’ve veered way off topic.
  13. I do. Quite a bit. But he has holes in his game, injury issues, and he struggled quite a bit this season. He had a great rookie season but has regressed a little. Likely because of the injuries. Also, his skating is a bit of an issue. Montreal has bigger needs than a scoring winger. Trading one of the leagues most promising prospects and a top 10 pick for him is robbing Peter to pay back Paul. It would be repeating the mistake of the Sergachev/Drouin trade
  14. Montreal doesn’t make that trade. Their top need right now is a top 4 LHD. Romanov is their second best prospect (and one of the top prospects in the league). from the sounds of things he is NHL ready. Beyond that they have one of the top rated goalie prospects right now in Primeau. Boeser would be a nice get for Montreal, but not at the cost of their best D prospect and a top 10 pick
  15. It’s far more of a team stat. It’s useless on its own. Thomas Chabot is a career (-) player and was -18 this season but he’s widely regarded as one of the best young D in the game. Stetcher is likely a cap casualty cast off bottom 4 D but was a +10 this year. Based purely on +\- with no other context which player would you rather have? if you think +\- is an useful stat in evaluating a player you have to take Stetcher. Personally I take Chabot