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  1. There are rumblings that Markov may be re-signed. He's been fantastic in a reduced role this season.
  2. He has a NMC. Vancouver has to protect LE unless he agrees to waive the NMC
  3. You can ask him to waive it for the draft. I can't imagine he would though
  4. They negotiated their NMC's for their benefits. Not for the teams benefit.
  5. What motivation would the Sedins have to risk it by waiving their NMC's? Answer..... NONE
  6. You said "you're hearing Burrows to the Rangers for a 2nd". Like it's a deal that's in the works.
  7. I'm sure he does. But it's still not a rumour. It's his suggestion of what the Rangers should do. It didn't come from a team source. It's just his opinion. It has no more validity than any proposal made on this forum. Does that mean it won't happen? No. But it also doesn't mean it's an actual deal in the works.
  8. So again. Not actually a rumour. Just one of the worst hockey writers in the business spitballing. Brooks is an idiot. I wouldn't put to much stock in that.
  9. Source? The only thing I see is Larry Brooks SUGGESTING Burrows could be a low cost acquisition. No where does it say that's an actual rumour. And a 2nd is never mentioned.
  10. Value is about right. I dont see Montreal having much interest in Burrows though
  11. They don't need it from the back end 4 of thier top 10 scorers are defencemen. They need high scoring from their forwards. Sherbak fills a organizational need much more than subban ever could. Subban can't even crack Vancouvers lineup but you expect Montreal to trade one of their few top 6 RW prospects?
  12. There's no way you can say that. In today's NHL a player staying with a team for his entire career is the exception. Not the rule
  13. Who exactly do you think Subban could replace in Montreal's top 8? They already lost an actual NHL defemceman to the waiver wire because they had 9 waiver eligible guys on the roster. In addition, they're already getting a lot of offence from their back end Weber (1 b, not 2) is 3rd in team scoring (32 points ) Petry is 7th with 26 points, Markov is 8th with 24 points and Beaulieu is 10th with 20 points. So 4 of their top 10 scorers are defencemen. Their issue is lack of scoring from their forwards, defence is fine
  14. Again. Montreal has Sergachev. And yes. They need more offence. But from their forwards. Also. If Montreal wanted "another Subban" they could have kept the one they had, or used one if the six draft picks they used in the draft on him BEFORE Vancouver picked him up. As an organization Montreal has very few RW prospects but are set for D prospects. Sherbak fills an organizational need. Subban does not.
  15. Juulsen is the captain of his team ( which is 2nd in the Western Confernce of the WHL, 2 points behind Prince George with 3 games in hand) , has 26 points in 34 games and was on Team Canada. By all reports Juulsen is having a very good year. How exactly is he "not good"?