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  1. Try a little context. Edmonton identified a player they wanted badly and had the excess assets to make it happen. Widely regarded as a massive overpayment by Edmonton. Saad was a cap casualty in Chicago. Team was dealing from a position of extreme weakness. Had to take underpayment. Lucic was an upcoming UFA. The package LA paid for him was for a very short term rental Kesler demanded a trade and used his NMC to limit his destination. Vancouver was dealing from. Position of extreme weakness. Essentially had to take what they could get. None of these trades have anything remotely in common with a Duschene trade. Colorado will make him available IF it makes sense and improves their team. Depth players aren't going to get it done.
  2. What would Emelin's motivation to bevto waive? He's playing 1stvline minutes on a cup contender. If he waived he goes to a team currently dysfunctional team with very little chance at the playoffs
  3. Edler is neither dominant nor an 1D
  4. Actually, McCarron has stepped into the lineup with all the injuries this year and has been so effective that most hockey journalists believe that even when Montreal is healthy he will be staying with the team. Scherbak just played his first game with the big club and scored, And you're still ignoring Emelins NTC. I think it's an easy pass for Montreal.
  5. Montreal says No. Edler is an upgrade offensively over Emelin but brings none of the bone crushing hits. He's also incredibly injury prone. So essentially youre looking for 2 top prospects and a 2nd for 2 bottom six players. and a marginal upgrade on defence. also, Emelin has a modified NTC (he can name 10 teams he won't accept a trade to) . no way he waives for Vancouver
  6. Kesler demanded a trade then tied managements habds by only agreeing to go to one team. So comparing the return is meaningless. Colorado don't HAVE to make a trade. If they do. They're going to get true value. Not a couple depth players and a long shot prospect
  7. It's spare parts for a top line player.
  8. Star player for a bunch of spare parts. Don't ever change CDC
  9. Montreal's gm hasn't been dumb enough to publicly tell a reporter that they have interest in a player under contract to another team.
  10. There's a middle ground between giving him away and expecting a huge return for him. We're talking about a 35 year old bottom 6 guy here. Expecting a 2nd , a 3rd and a roster player in return is pure fantasy
  11. A 2nd, 3rd and a roster player for Burrows? That's a bit optimistic don't you think?
  12. Once you file your retirement papers you're put on a list of voluntarily retired players. You can't play while on the list and can't be removed from the list for one year unless you have unanimous approval from every team in the league.
  13. People need to stop quoting the Hall trade like that has any impact on other trades. It was a case of a team having a very specific need and want who had the expendable assets to over pay with. If Tanev gets moved I would be flabbergasted if the return was anywhere close to a player of Hall's quality.
  14. You guys understand that sending an offersheet to a player is meaningless unless the player actually signs it right? Given the Canucks current team trajectory compared to the Oilers, I have a hard time believing an up and coming star would choose to sign in Vancouver for anything less than a substantial overpayment.