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  1. Yeah, but I suspect Montreal would have to add a significant asset. I feel like giving up on Galchenyuk would be a mistake by Montreal, but for whatever reason he just can't seem to get on the coaching staffs good side
  2. And are the team reps, each of whom have a copy of the list of which code relates to which team, also potentially bought off? They're all in attendance. If the league tried to pull a fast one in the manner you suggest they would be caught immediately
  3. That doesn't mean he's an upgrade on what they have. And montreals D wasn't the reason they got bounced. They were all low scoring games. They got bounced because they couldn't put the puck past Lundqvist
  4. He isn't a number 1 centre. Even if he was your proposal makes zero sense from Montreals end
  5. No not really isn't urgent. Even without Markov they have Sergachev and Juulsen. Wasting cap on a Edler does not improve the team. And I'd bet dollars to donuts that Markov re-signs for a season or two
  6. Because the DON'T NEED EDLER! He does nothing to address their issues. Nothing.
  7. Hanzal has NEVER put up more than 40 points in a season. NEVER. He's closer to a 30 point a season guy. He also has durability issues. He doesn't address Montreals needs. Nor does your proposal. They can keep their first and re-sign Markov.(or Juullsen or Sergachev can replace him) And they have several guys in the minors waiting to make the jump that can do what Baertchi can do (Hudon , Reway, Mete, Sherbak, Carr)
  8. Montreal doesn't need another defenceman. They just signed a guy out of the KHL that looks promising. They also have Segachev in the wings to go along with Weber, Benn, Petry, Beaulieu (who they may lose to expansion) and Emelin. And really. Even at his age Markov is still a better option than Edler. I could see him re-signing in Montreal for another year or 2 Also. They need to top 6 scoring centre. Hanzal isn't that guy. If they make a move it'll likely be a bigger deal for a guy like Duchene. I don't see a fit here. Vancouver has nothing to offer Montreal that they need
  9. Yeah, it's unfortunate that more people aren't aware that the NHL releases this info. It certainly proves the legitimacy of the process. I actually find it far more interesting than the produced show where the reveal the results
  10. The video of the draft is released on nhl.com The draft is overseen by an independent accounting firm and is witnessed by a member from each team who has a copy of the random draft combinations. There is also a random member of the press. The draft isn't fixed. Believe what you want. But it is simply not fixed https://www.nhl.com/video/bettman-draws-this-years-lottery/t-277350912/c-43805803
  11. Not sure you understand the whole "lottery" concept. The only thing Vancouver was guaranteed last year by finishing 3rd worst was that they'd pick in the top 6.
  12. It's not inconceivable. But for now he's gone for what's believed to be 2 years. After that. Who knows. I doubt even he does
  13. The lottery is in place to try to reduce the effect of teams intentionally tanking. I'm fine with the worst team potentially dropping to 3rd and so on. At least it makes an attempt at preserving the integrity of the game while still allowing the worst teams to pick highest
  14. So you think Tanev is worth a mid round 1st. A top prospect, and two 2nd's??? I don't think he'll be traded. But if he is. The return won't be nearly that much.
  15. None of what you said justifies your proposal. New York is high on Kreider and you're not offering anything of substance. There is no reason for them to do this trade. The trades you quoted where both deadline deals for upcoming UFA's. those teams were going to lose those players for nothing. Kreider is signed to an affordable cap hit for another 3 seasons past this year.