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  1. You can't pick and choose what years you retain salary. You retain for every year remaining on a contract.
  2. Mete is such a feel good story in Montreal right now. I can't see them moving him. Plus he's playing top pairing with Weber and looking incredibly poised doing it. It would also leave them with only Juulsen as a blue chip D prospect. That seems like to high a price for Duchene
  3. Montreal has over $8M in cap space including Galchenyuk. Cap isn't an issue, Sakic's asking price is
  4. If a trade went down I guarantee there would be 100+ pages of people outraged over what Vancouver gave up to get Duchene. The price to get him is more than what Vancouver should be giving up at this point in the rebuild.
  5. This doesn't address Montreals needs at all. They already have too many waiver eligible D and don't really have much use for Baertchi. If Montreal moves Galchenyuk it will likely be to address their need for a top 2 scoring centre
  6. We'll have to wait and see. But if he didn't take Hamonic a 1st and a prospect. He's not going to take Hutton as the centrepiece of a trade . Even if he's overplayed his hand he can still get better than that (unless the pick is a 1st and the prospect is on of Vancouvers best, so NOT Subban)
  7. Considering they've already turned down better offers. I assume they leave it
  8. Looks like Vegas worked out their roster issues. Shipachoyev is in the lineup tonight and just scored his first goal. So my trade suggestion is moot
  9. What exactly are you proposing happen with this one phone call?
  10. I understand Bergevin has made some bad moves. But even he's not dumb enough to consider that a good trade for Montreal
  11. Sedins aside, it's not that easy to just sign or trade for star power. This is not a good team right now, so signing high end free agent talent is difficult (since , you know, the player has a say in that). Trading for high end star talent meansa giving up significant assets in return. the kind of assets Vancouver can't afford to give up right now. ?Embrace the pain, the team will come out stronger in the end if they can avoid making knee-jerk decisions
  12. The other big thing is position. Ship is a proven centre who could very well fill the 2C slot. Which is what Montreal needs. Sutter is a good to great 3C. But Montreal has Plekanec/Shaw/Danault/Mitchell/ De La Rose/McCarron who can all play a bottom 6 C role. Also. My way Montreal has Galchenyuk who is +++ over Goldobin at this point in addition to Ship. It fills their needs much more than a project winger and a 3C
  13. Report: Canadiens place Streit on unconditional waivers to terminate contract Ian McLarenOct 15 2017, 9:20 AM Mark Streit's brief reunion with the Montreal Canadiens is coming to an end. The club has reportedly placed the veteran defenseman on waivers for the purpose of terminating his contract, according to Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet. Streit was signed to a one-year contract on July 25, bringing him back to the team that drafted him in 2004. In two games this season, Streit was held without a point. Once this transaction is complete, he'll be free to sign with another team around the NHL or overseas.