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  1. If there is an agreement in place for him to terminate his contract and then sign with a predetermined team that gets compensation from the Canucks to do so, then it’s clear cap circumvention
  2. Can you say “cap circumvention” ?
  3. The Wild went 2/4 in game one. I’m not so sure you want to get into a game where each time is getting a ton of power plays.
  4. When exactly did Virtanen hit 50 points? He hasn’t even come close to that.
  5. Ottawa only have 9 players signed for next season accounting for $41.9m of cap. They only need to spend $18.3m on 12/14 players to hit the cap floor. They really don’t “need” Eriksson to hit the floor. They’ll easily hit it just by filling out the roster.
  6. The AAV of the contract is the average salary over the life of the contract. He was paid $8m, $8m, $7m over the first 3 years of his contract but the Canucks only had a cap hit of $6m. So no, the Canucks don’t owe him $12m. But they do have to account for cap advantage they had in the first 3 years of the contract
  7. Escrow doesn’t apply to contracts in the minors. So Eriksson would make 20% more in Utica. So yeah. Even in Utica
  8. Markstrom is going to be the guy when the games count. May as well get him as much game action to shake the rust off as possible.
  9. So you say NJ does it to get Markstrom? Is that the same Markstrom that’s a pending UFA? NJ doesn’t touch this
  10. Wow. Ridiculous conspiracy theory. Domi has type 1 diabetes. He’s at risk at the best of time. It’s understandable that he wanted to take time to assess the situation before committing to playing in the bubble