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  1. Weber 6’4” Chairot 6’3” Scandalla 6’3” Danault 6’1” Petry 6’3” Armia 6’4” Thompson 6’1” Kovalchuk 6’3” Kotkaniemi 6’2” Kulak 6’2” Weise 6’2” Poehling 6’2” Fleury 6’1” yeah. They have some small players. But they’re not the undersized team of the past.
  2. Armia has been out for a few weeks too. Montreal was missing Gallagher, Drouin , Armia, and Byron all at the same time. A lot of players had to step up. Hence the 8 game skid
  3. It’s clear you don’t know much about the Montreal organization. Can we just leave it at they’re not going to move a 24 year old top 6 player who loves Montreal and never takes a shift off short of a massive overpay. There’s literally no reason to move him and as I said a number of times. If you wouldn’t move Horvat for an equivalent offer, don’t expect Montreal to move Domi for that offer
  4. He’s been on the pk since Gallagher went down
  5. Suzuki is a 20 year old rookie playing C and running 5th in rookie scoring. He also kills penalties and is trusted in all situations. Yes. I can say he’s a far better option than Gaudette
  6. You understand there’s a huge difference between a 40 point player and a 70 point player right? Gaudette would be a bottom 6 guy in Mo freak. Just like he is in Vancouver Montreal’s best D prospect is far and away Romanov. There’s talk that he’s top 4 NHL ready right now. They’re going to do everything they can to bring him over from the KHL next season Romanov is a much more highly touted prospect that Juolevi. Button has him as #5 of top NHL affiliated prospects. He doesn’t even have Juolevi in Vancouvers top 5.
  7. Gaudette would be redundant in Montreal. They have Poehling who will be filling the same role in a year or 2 (3C) Juolevi is too big a risk with his ongoing injury issues. I don’t see that as a package they’d be interested in
  8. Yeah. Not going to happen. They would be taking a huge risk. Markstrom will be coming off a career year and will look to cash in. If the Canucks won’t give him term then someone will. Tanev has such an extensive injury history that he can afford to gamble on a 1 year contract
  9. You don’t think Domi has i tangibles to Montreal. The guy is an absolute warrior who never takes a shift off. You don’t think he inspires his teammates? The point is the value between the two players is very close. And if you wouldn’t move Horvat for a collection of lesser players and project prospects, you shouldnt expect Montreal to move Domi for such a package.
  10. Lol. If someone convinced Domi to sign an offer sheet for $4.2m Montreal would immediately match it and send a bottle of wine to the GM that signed him to that gift. So no. I wouldn’t take a couple bottom 6 players for a young top line 72 point C/W
  11. What dont you agree with with regards to the Horvat comparison? I think they’re very good comparables Also. Montreal is not in nearly as dire shape as you suggest. They were a 96 point team last year. They got nailed with simultaneous injuries to 3 of their top 6 (4 of their top 9) forwards. They didn’t have the depth to deal with it. Prior to the rash of injuries they were right near the top of the Atlantic. They have a number of very good young players with blue chip prospects at all positions. They have a boatload if picks in this years draft. And a bunch of cap space with Domi the only notable RFA this summer. Domi is 24, has put up a 72 point season, and loves playing in Montreal. He’s part of the solution. He doesn’t get traded short of a massive overpay. (Like Horvat in Vancouver).
  12. Do you not understand the difference between an RFA and UFA? An RFA can’t “walk for nothing”.
  13. The only real difference value wise is the fact that Horvat is signed for 3 more seasons (at which point he becomes UFA). Domi is RFA this summer. So potentially he can remain under team control for up to 5 more years if the team chooses an 8 year contract. So I’d say that negates the difference there They’re the same age. Were drafted 3 spots apart. Horvat is a C. Domi has shown he can play at C or W Horvat has 264 points in 426 games (.619 ppg average) Domi has 241 points in 354 games (.681 ppg average) Horvat is bigger, Domi plays with more of an edge. I really don’t see how Horvat is more valuable. So I ask again. Would you trade Horvat for an equivalent package?
  14. Less quantity. More quality. Would you trade Horvat for that?