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  1. Hes not in camp. He’s holding out for a contract that he’s willing to sign. Therefore he is a holdout
  2. I agree. There are a multitude of factors. And yes. Insane fan bases that cause the players to live in a pressurized fishbowl is certainly one. But the competitor advantage that the Florida, Texas, Nevada teams have us real. I’m just talking about leveling thst particular playing field. There’s nothing you can do about weather, media, fan bases and so on.
  3. I don’t think it’s THE reason. But it’s a contributing factor. Canadian teams have a difficult time attracting UFA’s or retaining their star players without overpaying to compensate for the higher taxes. Overpaying means you have reduced cap space to ice a competitive team
  4. I don’t believe there’s any conspiracy to keep Canadian teams down. But the fact remains there’s a competitive advantage to teams in areas with lower taxes.
  5. The Canadian teams are at the top with the highest tax rates. Is it any wonder no Canadian team has won the cup since the cap system came in?
  6. The differing marginal taxes from state to state to province creates an unfair advantage to teams with no/low state taxes. It essentially allows them to sign players for less and exceed the cap in comparison to other teams. In the next CBA the league should look at levelling the playing field. Players for Teams in Florida, Texas and Nevada have a marginal tax rate of 31.61%. Compare that to the league worst taxes in Quebec that rings in at 49.49%. That means those teams are able to exceed the cap by an equivalent of 17.88% compared to Montreal. And 12.5% more than the Canucks. The League should either use the Florida teams as a benchmark and allow teams with a higher marginal tax rate to exceed the cap by the same percentage as the difference. Or use Montreal as the benchmark and lower everyone else cap ceiling by the difference. The league says they want parity. It won’t remotely exist until every team has the same working budget for players. Compare Taxes to all NHL Teams Based on the Annual Salary entered above Anaheim Ducks TAX RATE41.58% Arizona Coyotes TAX RATE35.98% Boston Bruins TAX RATE36.66% Buffalo Sabres TAX RATE38.29% Calgary Flames TAX RATE42.78% Carolina Hurricanes TAX RATE36.96% Chicago Blackhawks TAX RATE36.56% Colorado Avalanche TAX RATE36.24% Columbus Blue Jackets TAX RATE38.71% Dallas Stars TAX RATE31.61% Detroit Red Wings TAX RATE38.26% Edmonton Oilers TAX RATE42.78% Florida Panthers TAX RATE31.61% Vegas Golden Knights TAX RATE31.61% Los Angeles Kings TAX RATE41.58% Minnesota Wild TAX RATE40.78% Montreal Canadiens TAX RATE49.49% Nashville Predators TAX RATE31.61% New Jersey Devils TAX RATE38.26% New York Islanders TAX RATE42.15% New York Rangers TAX RATE42.15% Ottawa Senators TAX RATE47.71% Philadelphia Flyers TAX RATE38.56% Pittsburgh Penguins TAX RATE37.68% San Jose Sharks TAX RATE41.58% Saint Louis Blues TAX RATE38.58% Tampa Bay Lightning TAX RATE31.61% Toronto Maple Leafs TAX RATE47.71% Vancouver Canucks TAX RATE44.56% Washington Capitals - DC TAX RATE39.98% Washington Capitals - VA TAX RATE37.32% Washington Capitals - MD TAX RATE37.11% Winnipeg Jets TAX RATE46.17%
  7. I don’t see any way that Winnipeg takes that deal
  8. They’re all young prospects. I’m sure Puljujarvi looked like a slam dunk prospect when he was first drafted too. Only time will tell if these kids reach their potential and become impact players.
  9. He can’t make close to that money in the SEL. If he gets demoted he’ll go and hope for a quick trade
  10. You still think he cares more about being embarrassed than collecting $9m? I doubt that will be the case. We shall see.
  11. So the Canucks are going to go from 3 20+ scorers last season to 3 30+ scorers AND 5 20+ scorers this year? Neat trick
  12. So. Basically every Canuck but Ericksson is going to set career highs in goals?
  13. They’re over the cap floor. They don’t need any more crap contracts even if they have a lower cost than AAV
  14. Ok. So why does Sutter? And why does Ottawa even consider the deal to begin with?
  15. Serious question. What possible reason does Ottawa have to make this deal. It’s an absolute train wreck for them. Also. Why do Ericksson and Sutter waive to go to Ottawa?