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  1. Gee, what could possibly go wrong with a strong arm tactic like that? Nothing at all, until you need to try to re-sign existing players or try to sign a UFA. I'm sure they'd totally ignore your lack of respect for the player and the contract clause he negotiated in good faith.
  2. Yeah, can't imagine a worse market to run your mouth off in.
  3. He's being run out of town after the comments his wife made on twitter.
  4. None of the reputable reporters that cover the Habs have mentioned Burrows as a potential trade target. The only report I've seen has been from a Canucks reporter. People are assuming that just because he's french Montreal will fall all over themselves to get him.
  5. "sources"? Yeah. Seems legit.
  6. First of all. Burrows would be a 4th line player in Montreal. Hardly the missing piece to a successful cup run. Second. He's a depth grinder. Not a "great player". Third, he's a 35 year old upcoming UFA. Your logic of hanging on to him unless you get a great return makes no sense. The Canucks most likely aren't going to make the playoffs. So they can sell off Burrows for whatever the return is going to be (probably a 2nd OR 3rd), or you hang on to him for the extra 20 meaningless games and get nothing in return
  7. Montreal has been heavily scouting all the teams that are, or likely to be, sellers. I wouldn't read to much into their presence at Canuck games. Just keeping their options open
  8. For a rental Burrows? keep dreaming.
  9. Lehtner was 23 when he was traded and was making noise as a potential starter in Ottawa. Injuries have really hindered him, but at the time he looked to be a sure thing top notch starter. Markstrom has had hot streaks but has never been able to take the reins and establish himself as a bonifide starter. I doubt he'd bring much in a trade]
  10. For a 27 year old career back-up? I'd wager not much
  11. Edler is far more injury prone than Markov. Here's another fun fact. Markov has 10 more points in 5 fewer games. Not to to mention that they can wait until after the ED to re-sign him. As of right now Montreal will protect Weber, Petry and Beaulieu. If they trade for Edler he's just end up being exposed in the ED
  12. Markov is better in every other aspect. And as I said there have been a number of reports from reporters who cover the Habs that Markov could be re-signed.
  13. Markov hasn't had a knee injury in years. He missed 19 games with a groin injury earlier this year but has still managed to put up 25 points in 49 games with a +6 rating. Beyond that Markov has missed a grand total of 2 games since the lock-out. Edler has been MUCH less durable in that same period. The closest he's come to a healthy season was 2014-2015 when he only missed 8 games. Markov is a far more reliable defenceman and is actually capable of quarterbacking a power play (unlike Edler). Id take Markov as a 2nd pairing defenceman on a 1 year contract over Edler all day, every day.
  14. There are rumblings that Markov may be re-signed. He's been fantastic in a reduced role this season.
  15. He has a NMC. Vancouver has to protect LE unless he agrees to waive the NMC