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  1. they're going to need him now. #firebergevin
  2. If that's all it would take he would have been traded already
  3. Do you not understand that Subban being on the market has no bearing on Why Benning was nailed with tampering right? You can't discuss players under contract to another team. period
  4. So it was fine for the Canucks to file a complaint against Toronto under similar circumstances but when it's Montreal it's crying?
  5. You're still harping on about this? Benning already admitted he stepped over the line. He apologized personally to Bergevin and Yzerman and says he accepts the leagues ruling. He's past it. Maybe you should get over it too
  6. NHL announces it has fined Canucks $50,000 for Jim Benning's comments about Stamkos and Subban last week on @TSN1040 Exactly what most level headed people expected. Can we move on now
  7. He's only 24. They paid a bit more to secure some of his UFA years.
  8. "The NHL does not condone executives or anybody associated with a team publicly discussing players under contract with another team unless granted permission. It is considered a form of tampering."
  9. Actually the rule was in fact broken
  10. Article says Columbus had a potential deal fall through. OP assumes that it HAD to be Vancouver. Could just as easily have been Edmonton
  11. Yes, it's against the rules to discuss any player currently under contract to another team
  12. Considering the media firestorm Bergevin had to deal with plus the potential damage to his relationship with P.K. I'd say the damage was more than miniscule. That said I can't imagine the penalty will be anything more than a fine
  13. Give it a rest. Benning screwed up and the team will be fined. You're acting like the NHL is railroading the Canucks and running them out of the league
  14. Teams were calling because his NTC is about to kick in. If Montreal was ever going to listen to offers on him it would be now. That doesn't mean he was being shopped
  15. It's NEVER been allowed