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  1. Just for the record. Buying out Eriksson saves practically nothing. Something to the time of $500k a season. I wouldn’t factor any saving in where he’s concerned. He’s likely on the roster for the duration of his contract
  2. (Proposal) Clean House

    Gagner is on the roster next season. Live with it
  3. (Proposal) Clean House

    You understand that Gagner has to be INJURED to be kept on LTIR right??? You can’t just arbitrarily place him there to fit into your little fantasy
  4. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Sure. It’ll raise the AAV of his contract. The problrn Is convincing him to do it. It’s not like he was run out of town. He went back to the KHL for a reason. He signed a 3 year contract and has been directly quoted as saying he intends to play it out.
  5. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    That's called cap circumvention. Tryamkin has to buy out his own contract.
  6. (Proposal) Unloading Eriksson

    I don’t see a single reason for Montreal to do this
  7. Once again. Montreal can’t afford to trade a promising D prospect. The cupboards are to bare. Montreal is fine on Midfle 6 wingers. Do unless Baertschi is suddenly a top 6 scoring C they have no real spot for him. I also think that’s an overpayment for Baertschi considering Fleury is a promising prospect and Montreal’s 2nd will be low to mid 30’s
  8. Montreal had a glut of bottom 6 guys. They need A top 6 C. They also have a shallow prospect pool when it comes to defence. Granlund does nothing for them and weakens their defence pool even further
  9. I don't see any of the other teams involved being interested in those trades
  10. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Tryamkin’s agent - There is ZERO chance Alflives - So you’re saying there’s a good chance!
  11. Montreal Packing it in (Discussion)

    Both guys got hurt and left mid game.
  12. Trading Loui Eriksson (Proposals)

    Arizona will get much better offers than that. plus Ericksson has a nmc, no way he waives for Arizona
  13. Draft Poser-Proposals(Discussion)

    Which is precisely why Montreal doesn’t do this deal
  14. Draft Poser-Proposals(Discussion)

    Why would Montreal do that? Gallagher >>Baertschi, plus he’s signed to a cap friendly contract through 20-21. There are rumblings that if Pacioretty is moved he will be the next captain there. Baertschi is RFA and needs a new contract. He likely won’t sign for much less than Gallagher. MAYBE they do the 3 2nds for Vancouver’s first. But including Gallagher is a non starter.