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  1. CGY Goalie Joni Ortio put on waivers

    If Price is out long term Montreal is going to need someone to back up Condon. Tokarski hasn't been good. I don't think they have much faith in him. 
  2. Here's what Elliot Friedman has to say about it. Just that Bergevin is active. But that he always is. Nowhere is Vancouver mentioned. Much less Vrbata.      4. A lot of the trade attention now is on the New York Islanders with Travis Hamonic, but watch out for the Montreal Canadiens. It’s tough sometimes to tell with Marc Bergevin, because he’s one of the more active GMs in the league (according to his compatriots). He makes a lot of calls, often seeing what’s out there as much as anything.  I can’t say when it will happen, but there is certainly a feeling he’s going to add. They know their best window under the cap is before the summer of 2018, when Carey Price needs a new contract. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he’s looking at upgrades both at forward and on defence.    5. As for what Montreal might give up: at some point, the Jarred Tinordisituation has to end. Bergevin was asking for two seconds last summer, but it’s probably less now. Lars Eller’s name usually surfaces, but that’s a little unfair, because you’re not certain if it’s old info or new.  The Dallas Stars had interest before acquiring Jason Spezza. I’d be curious to see if the Arizona Coyoteslook at him. He’s locked in for two more seasons, you’re always looking for strong bodies in the west, he’s got someone he knows there in Mikkel Boedker (who shares the same agent, Jarrett Bousquet). It’s not the easiest deal to make now because the Coyotes keep a tight budget.  It’s a funny complaint when you think about it, but one exec pointed out they don’t have many bad contracts they are aching to get rid of. In a weird way, it makes it harder to trade with Arizona.
  3. Eklund is the source of the rumour. So no. No legit source. On the other hand several hockey "insiders" have said the Bergevin is looking at options to improve the team. Which isnt really going out on much of a limb 
  4. I'd be shocked to see him fetch a 1st given his production this year. What he did last year playing with the twins is inconsequential. Look at his career as a whole. He's barely a 20 goal guy on average. He's had a few stand out seasons (last year in particular) but beyond that he's only broken the 20 goal mark 5 times over 14 seasons. Vancouver MAY find someone to pay that price. Vancouver will likely make the playoffs based in tbe ineptitude of half the teams in the division. Given that. If he's moved it's likely to be a hockey trade. He'll be moved to address a team concern. (Such as the need for a top 4 RHD) But by all means. Stick with your dream of a 1st or bust. It'll give you lots to complain about in the inevitable thread that follows that moans about JB getting fleeced 
  5. Considering Montreal doesn't have the cap space for Vrbata and he's being out scored by everyone in Montreal's 3rd line. I'm pretty confident that they'd leave it 
  6. Beaulieu has already proven he's ready for the top 4. Emelin is out right now but has been very good so far this year and Pateryn hasn't looked out of place at all.   Tinordi hadn't even played a game because their defence is stacked     Without Gilbert their top six is still.  Markov , Subban Petry, Beaulieu Emelin , Pateryn    they can easily give up Gilbert for top 6 help   
  7. Bergevin isn't the type to tie his hands by using every penny of available cap space. One other thing about Gilbert. He's a right handed shot.    I think the bones of a deal might be in there. Vrbata needs to turn it up a few notches though 
  8. Doesn't work with the cap. But you're probably in the right area for value. I think they'd be more inclined to move Gilbert. He would help Vancouver's defence a lot more this season. Allows Beaulieu to step into the top 4 full time. And is closer to working cap wise for Montreal. The other option is to leave it as Tinordi and a 2nd but retain salary on Vrbata 
  9. I really wish there was a way to decern tone online lol. 
  10. [Proposal] VAN ~ MTL

    First of all. Cap retention rules prohibit teams from retaining more than 50% of a players salary. So just based on that alone this proposal already fails. In addition. A team can only retain salary on a maximum of three contracts at any given time. Since Vancouver is already retaining salary on Luongo doingbthiscdeal would mean they wouldn't be able to retain salary in any other  deals this year. JB may not want to handcuff himself like that  Next, Montreal 8 waiver eligible defenceman on the roster already. So there's no room for Hamhuis, nor is he a significant enough upgrade on anyone in their top four for them to have any interest in him. So pass on Hamhuis.    On on to Vrbata. Bergevin MAY have interest in him. But generally speaking he looks for more long term type deals. Even the Vabek trade was made with the intention of re-signing him.    Finally, Bergevin doesn't give up 1st rounders for rentals. Juulsen was just drafted this spring. So they aren't going to move him for one rental they don't need and another that they probably have no interest in re-signing. 
  11. Please tell me you're joking or really really high 
  12. Vancouver-Montreal [Proposal]

    They don't NEED to make a move. They're sitting atop the standings. They have a number of good prospects they can call up and players like Weise and fleishmann who can fill in. Playoffs are a long way off. Bergevin won't make a panic move. 
  13. Vancouver-Montreal [Proposal]

    I'd say takes a risk is accurate. They could end up using up their cap space and be left with someone who doesn't help at all. And yes i should  have termed Gilbert as a 4/5 guy.   He's spent time in Montreal's top 4 of and on the past two seasons. But he's a right handed shot. And far more reliable than Weber. Who has silent time in Vancouver's top 4. I honestly don't think Vrbata has much trade value right now. I'd stand by Gilbert and a 3rd as a reasonable offer. It addresses both teams needs, works under the cap, has no long term cap effects, and Vancouver ends up with a mid round pick to compensate for Vrbata being the better player.   I can understand people not thinking it's enough. But then again this forum has a history of expecting huge windfalls from trades then complaining about the actual return for months on end. 
  14. Vancouver-Montreal [Proposal]

    Montreal says no to both offers. doesnt solve their problem on the 2nd line.  They need someone to play with Eller and Galchenyuk.  Also.  You really should learb how to spell the players names correctly. You weren't even close
  15. Vancouver-Montreal [Proposal]

    Even if Vancouver retains the maximum amount of cap it still doesn't work. Plus. There's zero need for Hansen in Montreal. The deal makes no sense for  either team. Do you really expect Vancouver to trade two roster players and essentially go into full rebuild mode when they're still competing for a playoff spot. I said it earlier. The only deal that makes sense for both teams is Vrbata for Gilbert (or possibly emelin) plus a mid round pick. Montreal has a wealth of defence  Vancouver's defence is a shambles. And the cap works