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  1. iIt was a very unique situation where Edmonton had a wealth of high end forwards and they identified a young high end defender they wanted, they over paid because they felt it was for a piece they badly needed. It never "set the market" like you thought it did
  2. Can you finally let go of the Larsson got Hall argument?
  3. Tweets Pierre LeBrun‏Verified account @PierreVLeBrun 58s58 seconds ago Rest of Hamonic deal: believe Isles get a 1st RD pick, two 2nd RD picks while Flames also get a 4th RD pick back
  4. There's a difference between a trade and what you're suggesting. Tryamkin wasn't forced out of Vancouver. He was offered a generous contract to stay. He willingly signed a 3 year contract to return home. You're suggesting Essentially paying to void that contract and force him to return to a team he had no interest in staying with.
  5. Lmao. Overreacting a little bit there bud.
  6. Vancouver would have to give up quality assets to get Bowey or Honka. The top UFA defenceman is not likely to sign with one of the worst teams in the league. He's most likely going to the Rangers You can't "overpay" on a college free agent. There's an ELC max that can be paid. Tryamkin isn't a slave. You can't just "buy" him. He chose to sign in the KHL. It's not like he was kidnapped or coerced to leave Vancouver. He's there for at least 3 years. Get over it.
  7. As per LeBrun's twitter feed. Vegas has gotten calls on many of their young guys. Three teams called about Shea Theodore already. Answer was clearly No.
  8. Because Tanev doesn't fill a need in Montreal. They need a top centre or a puck moving LHD.
  9. They started him on the 2nd pairing last season but he eventually moved up to play with Weber. They're a great pairing. It's not a long term solution but Markov can still be a top pairing guy for another season or 2
  10. Markov will likely be re-signed
  11. Dallas needs a LHD way more than they need a RHD, so in their case, Methot
  12. George McPhee: "We're going to have to move some defencemen because we're going to claim a bunch."
  13. This forum has seen some delusional overvaluing of players on occasion. But you just set the new benchmark.
  14. The team that benefitted from the front loading of the contract to bring the cap hit down takes the penalty. And there's no penalty if he plays out his whole contract. It's if he retires early that hurts the Canucks.