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  1. [Waivers] Eddie Lack

    Doesn't work that way. If Vancouver claims him they have to keep him on the big clubs roster. He would require waivers to be sent to Utica, (just like he required waivers for the Flames to demote him)
  2. If LA makes the playoffs the pick becomes Montreal's own 2018 4th that they sent to LA for Dwight King last trade deadline
  3. [Waivers] Eddie Lack

    Remember how outraged people were when he was traded?
  4. That hit goes to Nashville. Courtesy of Philadelphia
  5. Considering the source (apollo) I highly doubt it was a joke
  6. [Waivers] Gabriel Dumont (claimed by Senators)

    Undersized C. Former Montreal 5th rounder from 2009. Bounced around a bit. Not an NHL'er by any means
  7. Not to nitpick. But he's actually 25. Soon to be 26. (Jan 7) That's actually a fairly big distinction
  8. [Proposal] Mon-Edm, Mon-Van

    Check again. Gudbranson is a pending UFA. The other UFA I was referring to is Vanek. So. As I said. Galchenyuk for teo UFA's makes no sense. They say no to the Vancouver deal instantly. I don't think the value on the Weber trade is bad. But it guts Montreals D
  9. [Proposal] Mon-Edm, Mon-Van

    The Weber trade leaves Montreal very thin on D. Even if they made both trades (which doesn't make sense) Gudbranson in no way replaces Weber
  10. [Proposal] Mon-Edm, Mon-Van

    Montreal is most likely going to miss the playoffs. They're not moving a young. Cost controlled 30 goal scorer for 2 pe sing UFA's. One of whom already had an unsuccessful stint in Montreal.
  11. Again. Basing his value on a SHORT stretch of games is just stupid. Price is still one of the best goaltenders in the world.
  12. Sure. Base his worth on a 10 game stretch where he was hurt. If he agreed to be traded it wouldn't be for a cap dump and a 1B goalie.
  13. How is Hutton worth Galchenyuk? Let alone them adding a pick on top?
  14. Under the rules Benning DID tamper, Yzerman lodged a complaint at the same time. Not sure why people seem to forget that fact