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  1. Do you seriously think Rodin has ANY value? Buffalo wouln't even consider this
  2. Quantity does not equal quality in NHL trades.
  3. You need to stop with the "hall deal set the market" stuff. There has been a ton of desks involving defenceman since that went down and none returned a player close to Hall. The Edmonton situation was unique and the decided they were in a position to overpay for a player they wanted. It was an exception. Not the norm.
  4. If you were Buffalo would you take that package for him? I certainly wouldn't
  5. None of those seem remotely realistic.
  6. Yeah, I'm sure he'd much rather play with Megna and Cramarossa than McDavid
  7. Who cares how they got McDavid. They gave him. And the crap management that had them languishing as a perennial bottom feeder is long gone. Talbot is actually a very good goalie. They're a couple pieces away from being a very good team. Vancouver is fairly early in their rebuild. They have some good pieces but it's going to be a few more painful years before they're a legit threat again. Anyone who thinks Vancouver would be more attractive to LD than his situation in Edmonton is just looking through homer glasses
  8. He's in a great situation there. Meanwhile Vancouver is a tire fire. Edmonton will find the money to sign him. And if he does sign an offer sheet. It'll be on a good team. Not Vancouver
  9. Here's where your "threat" of signing Draisatl to an offer sheet falls apart. He'd actually have to sign it. I swear that people who come up with these "let's screw over "insert team here"" proposals seem to forget that very important fact. THE PLAYER HAS TO AGREE TO SIGN IT.
  10. at $9m it would be two 1sts, a 2nd and a 3rd
  11. Your logic is flawed. You're combining 2 players that play on the same line. Generally speaking when one twin score the other gets an assist (not always. But far more often than not) if you want to continue the Ovechkin parallel you should add in Backstroms production. So now we're comparing the Sedins (on pace for a combined 93 points this season) to Ovechkin and Backstrom (on pace for 152 points this season)
  12. A 1st? For Gaunce? Not a chance in hell
  13. I'm pretty sure the crowd was at least 60% Habs fans
  14. That package doesn't even get the conversation started. Sakic would laugh his ass off