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  1. I'm sorry. But after the season he just had Gudbrabdson is not going to get you the 3rd overall pick.
  2. His priorities are to make his wife happy and to play hockey in his homeland. They seem pretty straight to me
  3. Arizona finished 1 point ahead of Vancouver in tbe standings. If Tanev doesn't fit in with Vancouvers long term plans to rebuild, why would he fit Arizonas? Its not like they're one defensive defenceman away from being a contender.
  4. Funny how lately every team with a high pick in the draft is a "perfect fit" for Tanev
  5. If you were the GM of a team would you give up the 8th overall pick for a goalie that has roughly the same upside as the goalie you already have? I wouldn't. Especially when you have some good prospects in your system and there will be a number of established goalies available through free agency this summer.
  6. Markstrom doesn't have anywhere neat the value Schneider did. He's a 27 year old back-up with not very good nhl numbers. I would think he'd return about the same as Lack did. Adding him to the 2nd doesn't get you anywhere near the 8th overall. Add in the fact that there are better, more established goalies available and Buffalo laughs at your proposal. Since that takes Buffalos 8th out of the picture I won't bother commenting on your Dallas deal
  7. Sergachev Montreal needs more offence. Plain and simple.
  8. He's got a season or 2 left in him. After that the hope is that Sergachev will be ready to step into that role.
  9. Radulov isn't actually signed right now. Galchenyuk, despite his struggles and his injury still managed to score at a .75 point per game pace. A team starved for offence can't afford to trade away one of their most dynamic young scorers unless it's for an upgrade at centre. I don't see him getting moved but with Bergevin in charge you never know.
  10. Not remotely. If you're expecting a 3rd overall pick and Dallas's best prospect for Tanev I suspect you're going to be severely disappointed (Assuming Tanev is dealt. Which I think is unlikely). I understand you're asking more to take the cap dump. But honestly I think they'd rather buy him out than pay the kings ransom you're asking. Adding a 4th round pick or a long shot prospect doesn't balance the scales.
  11. You seriously think Tanev has that high a value?
  12. The difference is they're both 24 and one has put up 63 points in 171 games and the other has put up 279 points in 428 games. Granlund had a career best year and Landeskog had a career worst year.
  13. Weber was 5th in team scoring and helped revitalize their power play. Montreals issue isnt defence. It's scoring goals. Which was my original point. Even after missing 20 games Galchenyuk was 3rd in team scoring. They aren't going to move him out unless they can improve on their biggest need. Which is scoring. Vancouver has nothing to offer in that arena
  14. That was a personality thing. And they got a franchise D in return, genius
  15. It doesn't take a genius to understand that a team in a win now mode isn't going to trade away one if their top offensive players when that's the teams biggest hole to fill. The only circumstance that happens is if the player coming back in the trade is an upgrade.