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  1. Naw mate not an ex-pat. I'm in my mid 20's getting my Masters degree out here. Currently at UQ in St Lucia (Brisbane). I sure hope they do let me stay though cause I'm really loving it!

  2. Ooops, I meant to say Ashgrove .... not Ashcroft. Are you near there?

  3. dura_mater - are you an ex-pat? I lived in Ashcroft during Expo - are you near there? I had a great time in Brisbane and cycled almost the rest of the coast. Sydney to Cape Tribulation all the way back down to Adelaide. If you are Canadian, enjoy Oz while you can, 'cuz they won't let you stay. I wanted to, but couldn't ... alas!

  4. Thanks, dura_mater. Were you one of us last year? Whether you were, or not, join us this year. I really miss all the old Canucks fans. Glad to see we still have support from down-under, there are a few of you! I was last there for Expo '88. Spent a full year there and loved it! You live in near heaven! I'd sure love to go back again! Anyway, keep supporting our team. We appreciate it!

  5. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Who would you rather see with the Sedins? Alex Burrows fits in perfectly, n'est-ce pas? It seems to be working just fine to me! Alex has 20+ goals. Likee to see who could do better.