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  1. HFS is legitimately good. They cycle the puck and play a great 2 way game. We've always had amazing games against 'em for 3 years now. I could say the same for WCE. Pure Domination really isn't anything special though. Cross-crease forcing nubs
  2. Good signing by the Leafs. The guy is their captain and defensive anchor and plays 25 mins a game against the toughest competition in the league. Considering he was being paid 6.5M earlier, a 500K raise is more than justified and fair.
  3. such stupid. much wow.
  4. Thanks Nostradamus
  5. Once you make the playoffs, its a whole new ball game. Its basically a fresh start and the standings honestly go out the window. Our cup run was one OT goal from being crushed in the first round to the 8th seed. The main goal is to make the playoffs and I think this team is definitely capable of doing that.
  6. There's always danger when you're gunning for the cup. There's never any guarantees that you win the cup. I think the team is just in a dry slump right now and will break out of it soon enough (hopefully really soon considering how competitive our conference is). The part that is encouraging to me is that we not only competed with those top 3 teams but we actually dominated all three games from the start and that's something that has been missing from this team the past two years. I think the effort this team puts out night in and night out is as consistent as ever and that kind of consistent play is what wins playoff rounds. I may be a bit of a homer but I honestly think one top 6 playmaking center/winger can make this team a legitimate contender, but obviously that commodity doesn't come too cheap.
  7. I like what you said and how you said it but I also disagree with it. I think this team remains competitive until the Sedins are producing, and they're still close to PPG players. Like you said, we outplayed two of the best teams in the league the past two games and didn't come out with the victory in either one. If you keep outplaying teams, things are going to turn around and that's what I expect from this team. I think the atmosphere in this place would be a lot better had it not been for the weird bounce on the San Jose tying goal, 9 seconds in the Chicago game and 3 minutes in the LA game. All three of those teams are legitimate cup contenders and we showed that we could hang/compete with the best of 'em and that's extremely promising.
  8. Not really a chirp lol...its kind of just the truth.
  9. Yep and I completely expect him to go on that streak any time now. Heck, in his first 8 games in the AHL, the guy had 6 goals (and he scored a couple nice ones too), so you know so you know the guy will be putting up points sooner rather than later.
  10. I'm a huge Jensen supporter (note sig) but something seemed different/off about him this preseason. He looked lethargic/tired/lazy during the preseason even though he was dominant in the Young Stars tourney. Even that highlight pack shows how quick he is on his feet and how he uses his big body to bring the puck to the net. For some reason, that part of his game was completely absent during the preseason. I haven't seen him play in Utica yet but he isn't doing too hot according to the stat sheet. I think he's lacking something extremely important right now: confidence. Hopefully that comes back to him soon.
  11. Completely false. He was our most dominant prospect out there and had an impact in every game he played. I thought he was fantastic in the prospects tourney. I'll give you the preseason though, he didn't look the greatest.
  12. For what its worth: I think your kid is a bauss.
  13. I'm sure you have bud
  14. Ditto. But I got Watch Dogs instead of GTA V...regret it already