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  1. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    such stupid. much wow.
  2. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Thanks Nostradamus
  3. [GDT] Panthers @ Canucks - 7PM

    Not really a chirp lol...its kind of just the truth.
  4. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Yep and I completely expect him to go on that streak any time now. Heck, in his first 8 games in the AHL, the guy had 6 goals (and he scored a couple nice ones too), so you know so you know the guy will be putting up points sooner rather than later.
  5. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    I'm a huge Jensen supporter (note sig) but something seemed different/off about him this preseason. He looked lethargic/tired/lazy during the preseason even though he was dominant in the Young Stars tourney. Even that highlight pack shows how quick he is on his feet and how he uses his big body to bring the puck to the net. For some reason, that part of his game was completely absent during the preseason. I haven't seen him play in Utica yet but he isn't doing too hot according to the stat sheet. I think he's lacking something extremely important right now: confidence. Hopefully that comes back to him soon.
  6. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Completely false. He was our most dominant prospect out there and had an impact in every game he played. I thought he was fantastic in the prospects tourney. I'll give you the preseason though, he didn't look the greatest.
  7. Post Yo Face In The Twilight Sparkle Party

    For what its worth: I think your kid is a bauss.
  8. Post Yo Face In The Twilight Sparkle Party

    I'm sure you have bud
  9. [Official] Grand Theft Auto V

    Ditto. But I got Watch Dogs instead of GTA V...regret it already
  10. Homework Thread 2.0

    Haha no worries. Math 12?
  11. Homework Thread 2.0

    Because if that shift wasn't there, it would be possible to obtain negative values. But by vertically shifting the function up by the same magnitude as the amplitude (0.5), we remove the negative numbers.
  12. Homework Thread 2.0

    Okay so you know the following values from the question: W(8) = 1 W(20) = 1 W(2) = 0 W(14)=0 So one thing you automatically know is the amplitude of the function ((max-min)/2) which is 0.5. Also, you know that W(t) never outputs a negative value since the minimum value is 0. Therefore we know that our function must be of the form: x + 0.5cos(blah) where x is some number. Let me know if I'm making any sense before I continue further
  13. Homework Thread 2.0

    If you try plugging in t = 8 (8:00 AM), you notice that without the added 0.5, W(8) = 0.5. But in the question it states that at 8:00 AM you're at peak wakefullness (W = 1). That's just a way to check the requirement of the 0.5 part. I'm not the best explainer
  14. -Vintage Canuck-'s Signature/Avatar Shop

    Thanks a bunch!
  15. -Vintage Canuck-'s Signature/Avatar Shop

    Hey VC, can you make me a Nick Jensen sig? Any image is fine (Vancouver jersey preferred). As you can see my current sig is a bit outdated