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  1. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    The european schedules are no different than the CHL schedule. Just because there are games being played in the league, doesn't mean that you're not going to "loan" players to the WJC. This applies to every european league, sending players to WJC is a way to show the world that your league is good at developing players, something that can only be good for the league.
  2. Benning on 1040 Post Sutter Trade

    Maybe occasionally, but i highly doubt he was often/always put up against the other team's top players. Bonino was also that kind of guy for us from time to time, because we simply didn't have better alternatives. I would say it's strange that Pittsburgh decided to trade away a 3rd line center if he can put up 21 goals AND be a great shutdown guy.
  3. Benning on 1040 Post Sutter Trade

    I personally don't buy this. You could argue that it's easier to produce when you're playing on a 3rd line, especially when your top guys are Crosby/Malkin. Those guys are obviously going to face tougher competition, teams will focus on those 2 lines. Meanwhile, we had a good 1st line, and 3 average lines last year. I personally doubt that Sutter will come in and put up better numbers than Bonino did, but that's me.
  4. [Trade] Canucks trade for F Brandon sutter

    The initial quote was about me saying that Benning doesn't know how you build a Stanley Cup Champion, which is why i brought up the 4th line. It gives you some sort of indication what he values - hardworking bottom 6 players. I could argue with some of the guys you mentioned regarding cap-hits, but i did love the Vrbata signing, both term and money. Horvat is playing through his ELC, so i don't think that counts. I would say the rest of the contract are average, not great, not bad. Not really on the same level as Boninos contract IMO.
  5. [Trade] Canucks trade for F Brandon sutter

    Sutter at 3.3 is hardly a bargain, and he'll likely get more money when he extends his contract. Probably between 3.5-4M. That's what it's all about. You need player like Bonino with low cap-hits to compete. You don't win cups with a 4th line that makes nearly 6M. Please tell me, how many guys do we have that performs better than their contract actually "indicates"? And i don't just mean slightly better. I think this would be a fair trade if Sutter actually had some top6 potential. But i don't think he has. We are a team that's not competing for anything, so for me personally it doesn't make any sense to add a 26 year old 3rd line center.
  6. [Trade] Canucks trade for F Brandon sutter

    If you compare Sutter with Bonino, Sutter could possibly be better in his own way. However, i think Bonino could be a good top6 forward. He does have some nice offensive skills. He might not make it as a center, but rather as a winger. Sure, Bonino didn't have a good 2nd half of the season, but let's not forget that his 39 points in 75 games is an absolute bargain for a guy that is only making 1.9 million for the next 2-3 years. He was an asset for us, and we just gave him, a young defenseman AND a 2nd round pick up for an 3rd line center.. If we were shopping Bonino along with our 2nd round pick, we should have gone for something better than Sutter, who makes 1.5 million more money than Bonino. Regardless of him being part of the Bruins that won the cup,Benning clearly doesn't know how you build a Stanley Cup winner. He's neither getting the (way) better players, nor is he getting the cheaper players.
  7. [Trade] Canucks trade for F Brandon sutter

    Seriously, what the &^@# is wrong with our GM? I'm so &^@#ing done with this guy. He honestly deserves to get fired for the horrible deals he's making. Looking forward to him praising Sutter for being a big guy that "works hard". He likes it meat-and-potatoes. I bet he would love to have a team full of bottom 6 players.
  8. Predictions - Western Conference Standings

    I think it's fairly simple to just say "we lost these guys, therefore we're basically as good as we were last year". The problem with our team is that we're not really getting any younger, while other teams have gotten a lot better and a year wiser (like the inexperienced Flames team.) Dallas had the Art Ross Winner last year, but they still didn't make the playoffs. It will be even tighter next year to make the playoffs, and this team isn't really getting any better. Reasons why i think we will have a bad year: Vrbata will not be as good this year, he had a great season last year (30 goals) , so it will be tough for him to top that. The Sedins production will drop, not by a lot but it will still drop (they will be 35 in September, so nothing weird about that.) Our defence is probably looking worse than last year. Miller will not be better this year. I think we've lost scoring depth. We don't really have any youth that can step in and make a difference (i do think that Baertschi will be a good fit, but it won't be enough.) I listed the Canucks at the 12th spot on my list. I could see us climbing to maybe 10th or in a "best case scenario" (right?) 9th. We will have a good chance of getting a top10 pick IMO. The way things have been going lately, i think we're destined to have a bad season. It doesn't give me any good vibes at all.
  9. Predictions - Western Conference Standings

    1. Anaheim 2. Chicago 3. Calgary 4. St. Louis 5. Minnesota 6. Nashville 7. LA 8. Colorado 9. Winnipeg 10. San Jose 11. Dallas 12. Vancouver 13. Edmonton 14. Phoenix
  10. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    Will probably look even more into this draft than the last one. I think we're bound to have a horrible season. There's definitely a couple of very interesting prospects in this draft. The top-talent is looking pretty good. Chychrun is going to be a hell of a player. Matthews is obviously a great prospect as well, but i find him somewhat overrated. Still wouldn't mind if we won the lottery and drafted him.
  11. Faith in Benning

    Not after the Kassian trade, no. It's basically a trade we cannot win. Not to mention it doesn't make any sense at all.
  12. Benning officially lost me after this trade. I have absolutely no faith in him anymore. He's clearly retarded. Looking forward to him talking about this trade.
  13. Lol what a &^@#ing joke
  14. [Signing] Canucks sign Matt Bartkowski

    Bartkowski will be the next Aaron Rome. He will play no matter how bad he plays, or no matter how good Clendening/Corrado plays. I can feel it. Again doesn't make any sense, even though i saw this coming. Bartkowski isn't going to get better.
  15. [Signing] Canucks sign Matt Bartkowski

    What about Clendening? Corrado? How are they going to make the team? Please explain to me how this is a good move? Instead of bringing in young guys that can grow, we bring in mediocrity. How can you possibly be ok with this move? Bruins fans are so excited that he's gone.