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  1. Olli Juolevi | D

    Done with this team. Cya.
  2. Tkachuk's a winner. People will say that he's a product of great linemates, but he knows what it takes to win, and he will go to the right areas to be as effective as possible. I will say that i'm actually not sure Benning will pick him if he's there at 5, which is part of the reason why i'm concerned. I'm more confident we will pick Dubois if he's still available, so i'm kinda rooting for him being there for my own mental health, but i guess you can never know for sure until the pick has been made. If i would stick around i would feel like i'm actually supporting the decisions being made, and for my own taste, there's just been too many bad ones this year, and i'm definitely not in the mood for another one after months and months of draft-hype. I'm not really seeing the light at the end of the tunnel right now, with all the talk about ownership being involved in certain decisions, not rebuilding when that's what we should be doing etc. I just want to see this team moving "in the right direction", at least from my POV.
  3. There's been a lot of let downs this year particularly. The trade deadline, the draft lottery, and trading both McCann and Shinkaruk. I feel like you're always going to get stabbed in the back as long as you're excited about something as a Canucks fan. Literally no player or prospect on this team is safe, and i feel like it's getting to the point where you're asking yourself what the worst possibly thing that could happen to us would be. Trading Horvat? Boeser? Demko? Tbf there's not a whole lot to get excited about anymore, and when the players that you're getting excited about are getting traded before they've even been given a fair shot with this team, then what's the point of feeling excited about any player? Hard to judge a trade unless you know exactly how it looks, but i'll tell you this: If we keep the 5th overall pick, and we aren't picking the remaining player of Dubois/Tkachuk, i'm done with this team until Benning is getting fired. And i won't be posting on this board until he has been fired. I guess there's 1 or 2 player that i could potentially be ok with besides those guys, that could grow on me over the days/weeks/months/years due to their potential. But in my mind, there's literally no reason to pass on the remainder of Dubois/Tkachuk. Make your highest pick in 17 years count. Not only are Tkachuk/Dubois the safest picks at 5, but they also have really good potential to end up being great players.
  4. I have a bad feeling that i'll end up being disappointed after the draft. Whether that's trading our 5th overall pick or picking "the wrong" player with our pick, i don't know. Don't like all the talk about Subban, great player but not worth the cap-hit. He's also 27 and he just doesn't seem like a great fit with us right now IMO. He's not going to grow with this team. We're not contenders, and we won't be contenders for at least 3-5 years. We should be rebuilding instead of adding mammoth contracts that's not going to make this team better in the long run.
  5. Well put. I agree 100% with you. There's no reason to go with the fancy picks when you can just go with the low risk, high reward guys. Benning would honestly go against his own agenda if he doesn't pick Dubois or Tkachuk at 5. Not only are these guys big, strong forwards that can skate and mix it up, but they're also offensively gifted players with great upside. Not to mention that personalitywise, Tkachuk and Dubois are just on another level compared to the rest of the guys outside the top3. They are both very professional and they know what it takes. There's literally no reason for Benning to not pick Dubois or Tkachuk tbh. And again, i will be furious if we don't pick either one, especially after the McCann trade.
  6. I'm done with this team till Benning is getting fired if we pick anyone but Dubois/Tkachuk at 5.
  7. After the trade, i would be absolutely furious if Benning doesn't pick Dubois or Tkachuk. Benning never ceases to surprise me, in a negative way.
  8. Hahaha oh man i don't even know what to say. I'm speechless. There's literally no way for me to put into words how much i hate this trade. It's 3 AM in Sweden and i just wanna scream out loud.
  9. Yeah apparently we would have gone from being the 2nd worst team in the league in goals scored, to being a top-scoring team if we "just had" d-men that could generate offense. Not that i dismiss that good defence can generate offense, but it's so clear that this team's offense isn't good by any means, forwards and defencemen included.
  10. I personally think most people are aware of this. Tkachuk benefits from playing with Marner and Dvorak, but honestly the same could be said about Dvorak and Marner playing with Tkachuk. They would've had slightly less points if they didn't play with Tkachuk. Tkachuk filled his role on that line better than anyone else on the Knights team. If Tkachuk doesn't hit 100 points next year with Dvorak and likely Marner gone, that's not going to be the whole world. If he can hit 80 or 90 points, that would still be great, because he contributes in more ways than just scoring. Him not getting as many points next year, i really don't see that preventing him from developing as a player. He would also be "the guy" on the team which could possibly make him grow even more as a player.
  11. Well seems like his dad didn't mind playing for the Jets back in the days. And it seems like Matthew didn't mind playing for a Canadian junior team in OHL. So my answer would be no.
  12. Markstrom takes out McDiver

    You can hardly blame him though based on the goals he let in. Swedens defense was $&!# once again. Markstrom and Nyquist were the only swedes who showed up in this tournament. Ask any swede and they will say the same.
  13. Well Adam Larsson is a 1st pairing defenseman in the NHL, so i probably wouldn't mind him. Would probably take him over Philip Larsen, but it's close.
  14. I bet you haven't watched Sweden too much. 7 NHL players on their rosters and only Markström and Nyquist have been good so far. The rest of the team, either decent or just simply horrendous. Performance-wise the worst swedish team i've seen in a while in the WHC. Stop with the ifs and buts, you guys still have the best roster in the whole tournament and EVERY SINGLE european doesn't accept as soon as they are invited to play for their country. That's ridiculous. BS like this annoys me, don't you get the feeling that all of this has been discussed before? Everyone knows that your country produces great hockey players, this discussion isn't unique by any means. Your already great team could've been better, well no $&!#. That's pretty much the case for all of the other top international teams out there as well.
  15. Horvat is a completely different scenario because he had an amazing playoff run in 2013. It's hard to rank those guys and how high they can go, same for Fabbri in 2014 who i personally was very high on. That draft-eligible guy having a beast post-season this year is Tkachuk, and he's been considered a top5 pick all year long. London is winning games right now because of their offense, not because of their defense, where Juolevi is included. The only guy that was actually considered a better player at 9th in 2013 was Nichuskin. The rest were debatably better players, but not necessarily better players. Again, extremely hard to argue that Dubois and Tkachuk aren't the best players in the 4-5 range.