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  1. 1. If we have players with contracts we can’t move then that’s a problem. 2. I don’t expect them all to jump at once but you’d think Vancouver would want to bring in one or two a year where there is no roster space available.
  2. Also a 4 year deal really holds up some future prospects as well.
  3. We’re eventually going to have to pay up on some of our prospects it 2/3 years plus other additions to the team I just see these being the type of contracts that bite a team during those times. Who knows though, we’ll also have other FA’s who leave and future trades.
  4. I wouldn’t call Gaunce a fantastic defensive player. He’s alright and you can throw him out there in a lot of situations. He’s an ok 4th liner on a weaker team and a tweener on most. The thing with Gaunce is he’s still young enough to improve a little bit. Wouldn’t expect him to ever be anything than a 4th liner though.
  5. Don’t mind the players but wow those are bad contracts.
  6. Troy Stecher | #51 | D

    Hopefully a bridge deal, he hasn’t done enough to sign for more than 2/3 years.
  7. Quinn Hughes | D

    Correct me if I’m wrong but it’s my understanding he has to be under sort of contract to come to training camp and if he does that he loses his NCAA rights so it’s be the AHL
  8. 37th overall

    Shooters shoot
  9. 37th overall

    If Kaut falls you take him in a heartbeat..
  10. A look back at the Cory Schneider trade 5 years later

    Happy we got Horvat but if that Oilers prospect was Klefbom I’d cry.
  11. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    It’s Dobson for me if he’s available. Unless Tkachuk is avaliable too then it’s a toss up.
  12. You’re right forsure on them wanting to do a similar swap, they desperately need a forward. I just feel like Nashville’s Defence was so good by the time he got traded that Jones wasn’t getting the ice time he deserved and his numbers reflected on it. He stepped into Columbus and doubled his point production in the same amount of games. Also I don’t think Hanifin gets a 23 year old big two way center coming off a 71 point season and also had 26 points in 38 games the year he was traded. Edit: I’m not going to argue about the drafts.. Probably the two best draft classes after 2003 in the last 20 years. 2008 was good too.
  13. MDZ was traded for Klein that year and Ekholm was a returning young player. The Canes should have let Hanifin play college one year or signed him and let him play in the AHL a season. Any Canes fan will tell you that too. There’s no doubt Hanifin is good, he can move the puck up the ice incredibly good has good vision and a good skater. Going into the draft Hanifin was supposed to be this great two way defenceman who can play great in his own zone and neutral zone. The knock on him was it was unsure how he would play offensively. I feel like if Hanifin spent one more year developing his defensive game would be much better than it is now. Seth Jones went into the draft going in as a possible #1 Overall pick that shouldn’t have slipped past #3. He could dominate all 3 zones of the ice and was a for sure lock to play in the NHL the same year. It’s not that I’m undervaluing Hanifin it’s just that’s how good Jones was at the time he was drafted. Even when Jones was traded he was trusted way more in his own zone than Hanifin. They’re not the same player. O I understand Hanifin is young still young, good and a player that fits what we need. His ceiling has seemed to regressed since then and I don’t see the reason to trade our 7th overall + for a player who we could draft with a similar skill set. As of right now we’re a bottom 6 team again next year with or without Hanifin. But it’s not worth the risk and assets to get him. Think about this, in a 2013 redraft where would Jones go? Now where would Hanifin go in a redraft?
  14. I don’t think Hanifin makes that team.
  15. Carolina Hurricanes Defense 15/16 (Hanifins rookie year): Ron Hainsey(35) Noah Hanifin(18) - rookie Jaccob Slavin(21) - rookie Brett Pesche(20) - rookie Justin Faulk(23) - injured 19 games Ryan Murphy(22) - tweener Michal Jordan(24) - in khl now Nashville Defense 13/14 (Jones rookie year): Shea Webber (27) Roman Josi (23) Ryan Ellis (23) Seth Jones(18) - rookie Matthias Ekholm(24) - Michael Del Zotto(23) - deadline deal Kevin Klein(28) - not in NHL traded that year Victor Barley(26) - not in NHL I wonder which team was harder to crack.