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  1. I’m going to assume this might mean there’s somewhat of an idea to work with our cap crunch.
  2. I dunno about that.. I don’t remember MacIlroy putting his driver away on 13.
  3. He took a 8 on the first hole and never recovered to say the least.
  5. Can confirm, Kole Lind is a mental midget on the golf course.
  6. Boeser is a very good puck possession player and it really shows when we don’t have him. News flash to everyone who wants to trade him: It’s easier to score goals when one of your best players has the puck on his stick even when he’s not scoring. Before his mid season slump and injury he was almost a point per game player and we don’t know if he was a little banged up prior to injury.
  7. Come on guys... Boeser is now just on the biggest slump of his career in his 3rd full pro season and still sits at a career 0.82 points per game which is 7th in his draft year (was 5th before his slump) and now people are saying trade him for a pick? 2015 was the best draft in years and Boeser is widely considered a top 10 pick in that draft what are the actual odds of getting a better player? Even if we do draft a player who is equal to Boeser it’s still going to take a couple years to develop him to the player Boeser is now. Prior to this slump he was on pace for 78 points now people are saying he’s plateaued? Has anyone thought that maybe his production and shots have dipped a bit because he’s starting in the defensive zone 40% of the time compared to 22% last year and 29% the year prior. Has anyone noticed that his Corsi is also at a career best while still getting all these dzone starts? How about we all just take a big breath here and maybe start thinking that it’s a young kid who’s confidence is probably at an all time low offensively and instead of picking corners he’s just shooting to get the shot off and hope for a chance. He’s also dealing with some off ice issues that most of us wouldn’t want to fathom.
  8. Probably one of the worst days in sports history. RIP to the
  9. This is 100% speculation but I wonder if it’s more of a mental battle than a physical one. Seems strange to me that there hasn’t been much to report on about this injury and everyone has been so hush hush on the situation. Remember a few years back when Kassian had his “back injuries” but he was actually in the NHL substance abuse program. Ferland does have a history with alcohol.
  10. So by this logic: Pettersson > McDavid Boeser > Ovechkin Horvat > Crosby ?
  11. I would say always putting a Canuck prospect over any other prospect would be considered being a blind fan. Being a Canucks fan means you should be a hockey fan first, appreciate the game and players in it. Me personally I would currently pick Dahlin over Hughes, he’s bigger and more physical, a top 3 skater in the draft (Hughes probably being the first), hands are equal if not better and you can throw Dahlin out on every situation on the ice. Not saying Hughes is bad, we stole at the 7th pick which is an incredible feat in itself but Dahlin was picked 1st for a reason and other than being on Buffalo he hasn’t shown any regression minus the concussion this year.
  12. Ah I was thinking the same as Rafferty and Teves but I guess they’re both 24. I thought there was something like this, didn’t bother to check though. So it’s either sign him for a two year June 20th and after or let him walk.
  13. Utica needs some help at centre, correct? I would give him a 1 year contract at the end of his season to see what he could do at the pro level and if he doesn’t look good in his trial run at Utica let him walk at the end of the year. If his agent demands a two year I would probably still give it to him but wouldn’t hesitate to move him for a different AHL player or pick (if he’s not a good fit).
  14. I feel like Pronman is like 5’6 because he always ranks his small skilled guys higher than they should be (granted Makar and Hughes is a coin flip).