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  1. Rumour - Larry Brooks - Max Domi

    More than well understood that there is scouts at every game. Doubt that’s the reason why they had scouts there though. The only sign you get about Biega in our lineup is a sign that we need help on D
  2. Rumour - Larry Brooks - Max Domi

    Saw a tweet saying there is Arizona scouts at the game today and Goldobin is playing first line. Guy can dream right?
  3. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Barring winning the lottery I hope we have an opportunity at Bouchard. I remember watching him at the U17’s and he was the best dman in the tournament. He’s having an unreal season and deserves to be jumping up the rankings.
  4. Bo or brock

    Our record with and without Horvat should say everything.
  5. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    I’d sign them for one more year on good contracts but I would if there is a NMC or NTC involved I wouldn’t a limited 10 team NTC on a cap friendly hit would be ideal in my mind. Give them there last hizzah here and if we’re in the hunt keep them at the deadline, if not it’s time to move on.
  6. Kole Lind | RW

    Can Lind go to Utica or does he have another full year in Junior? Same question for Gadjovich.
  7. Idea for increasing Boeser's speed

    It’s his first year in the NHL not the first year of novice..
  8. Any camp jobs out BC or Alberta???

    If you're looking for camp work in oil and gas Control Tech is always looking for people in the Peace River region. I would also do some job searches online in the peace are especially in the Dawson Area. Quite a few large gas plants and pipelines coming through this area at the moment.
  9. Michael DiPietro | G

    Not even related.
  10. Great deal for the Avs. This could be one of the best contracts in the league.
  11. [Rumour] Avalanche Have Deal in Works

    I'll have what you're smoking please.
  12. How far away are we from being a competitor for the cup again?

    Unfortunately for us we're probably the farthest away from the cup right now.
  13. Trade value of top 3 picks.

    Doesn't make any sense to trade outside the Top 3 for us, it's worth more to us than what it is actually worth. We need this pick arguably more than in the league. Gaurenteed Benning won't shop it at all, listen to calls yes but unless it's something like Strome + Arizona's two firsts it won't happen
  14. UND HOCKEY : Drake Caggiula (undrafted/unsigned)

    Pretty sure he's from Ontario haha. Boeser, Demko and Cassels are still our only American prospects, fingers crossed for Matthews.
  15. Thatcher Demko | G

    Probably thinking about the last goalie to win the Hobey Baker. I could be wrong about him being the last one but I know he did win it. I'm to lazy to check.