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  1. Imo the deal is weighted a bit too much in Vancouvers favour. Hammer can always sign back here next fall. If I were him wouldn't mind getting out of here for a few months and possibly having a go at the Cup...then coming back to a team, he helped to build by sacrificing a few months of his time. Yeah, a bit unrealistic, but hey one can dream...
  2. Imo we have plenty of prospects and could use a player a bit further along in his development. I think he could learn a lot from the Sedins as to how to create a more rounded game for himself. I don't want to see picks head out but if mtl would accept this offer and requested a 3rd on top I'd do it. Burrows day has come...he worked hard let's give him a shot. Vrbata is an obvious choice Ufa etc. The thing with picks for me is, that unless it's a top 5 pick it's all a crap shoot. A prospect may turn into an nhl'er with an amazing upside but those players don't always leave unless there is some sort of issue that another team may take a chance on. Eller has shown flashes of amazing. I'd take those flashes and the fact he can run a 2nd line over a 2nd round pick and a prospect (if we could even get that). Burrows, Vrbata, 3rd Rd. Pick For Eller This team would have a great strip of centers that will be needed in the future to get deeper into the playoffs.
  3. To Van: Lars Eller To Mtl: Burrows Vrbata Van retains half the outgoing salary. Both teams squeeze under the cap.
  4. I fee He has made no solid points in the arena of coaching. Just about him being a player. Please clarify his points for me?
  5. Yes I get he helped out with drills and is good with younger players. His face off skill is something that would be a good lesson. This year is a "learning year" for the team. Still... I don't think he's needed on this team and would prefer an active mature player, over a coach learning his trade.
  6. I also think JB uses that old school management tactic of keeping the younger employees on their toes, by not letting the youth feel too comfortable.
  7. OK. . I actually laughed out loud. You keep convincing yourself about his pedigree. All there is to go off him is his play..which was marginal..furthermore I was quoting you who was going on about his great play. Remember? I've been watching this team since brodeur took the Nucks to the final. I fully understand this team and most of the players from the past 30 years. Remember folks, when posting use logic, not emotion. Peace out this threads done for me.
  8. Your counter point makes no reason as to why he should be a coach. IMO he was a first round draft pick that never panned out. 5th in selke voting really doesn't mean anything, let's be honest. So he ran a few drills...he's adopted Vancouver. . So what? He married someone from here who is supposed to be a big deal? What?? His play was awful by the time he was cut loose from Vancouver and it never recovered. Less emotion more fact please.
  9. You're 54?! I thought you were an early 20's male that was just too plugged in. Did I say as a player?? Such speed to jump down people's throats? CDC angst lives on, awesome.
  10. Rebuild. Says it all really.
  11. Manny Malhotra has over extended his hockey value by being a nice, team guy. He had one good season in 2010-2011 but was injured. The next season he had 18 points and was minus 11, not too bad for a checker, but it was his inability to win face offs and to get in the play I noticed the most. By 2012-2013 he was done...9 games. SO.. does the #7 pick overall from the 1998 draft who took 12 years to learn to become great checker really deserve to be on this team?
  12. As poorly as manny's situation was handled by the Canucks, it is now history. New management, new players, new organization. Malhotras time is over unfortunately in the NHL.