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  1. If I possibly could, I would. Then again, Burrows would probably say, 'You know, Mike, if it helps build the team, just put the money where you think best.'
  2. Do we really want him? ONLY FOR ELEVEN FREAKIN' SECONDS!!!
  3. I really recommend that you all read the first few pages again. :frantic: It's good for a laugh. The reactions after just one or two games... I'm not interested in hunting them down, but I bet the bashers have changed their tune now, however grudgingly.
  4. Kevin Bieksa, you are really...on the ball.
  5. I wonder if you put "Bxa" on the teleprompter, Cherry would get it right? Might work.
  6. What I find truly amazing about this thread is the fact that so many people appear to be seeing it for the first time... "Where were you when...?"
  7. Is that a picture of Clutch, choking on his words? Edit: oop. meant to put the picture in...
  8. I had called Burrows to score an empty-net goal last night, but I'll definitely settle for this!
  9. The theme song for Ruby and Max, a children's show.
  10. Kevin Bieksa, you are really... ...colourful! Prettier eyes than Pyatt, maybe even!
  11. Just wanted to say I like the visual pun in your sig. Cheers, Q

  12. I'm listening to the rain and to a raven going through it's entire repertoire of weird sounds.
  13. I saw this got bumped, and I was going to say, "Give it a rest, people!" But I find myself okay with it... And to keep things on topic: But does Burrows really need that particular pair of twins?
  14. Yeah, I see it bumped, and I think, "Oh, what now?" And I just have to look...and post... Can we agree that the answer is YES?
  15. Beat me to it. Every time this gets bumped, I have to add to it. It's a classic, a real classic. After I do this, I'm going back to give my own vote...I think I haven't yet.