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  1. First would like to thank the OP for the GDT and the big laughs!. Second I am saddened that both teams are resting "The Golden Child" of their respective teams.
  2. I presumed he would be Coaching today. He will also be reviewing regardless to see how everyone performed with the video coach.
  3. Yep, play the kids today and see what you have Coach Green!.
  4. Love the optimism!. I predict Coach Green will have playoff ambitions. If the Sedins bounce back and others step up and all bounces going the Canuck's way the team could make the playoffs. Not a bad thing to get to the post season to see where the short falls are. Glad we have a new coach though...... God speed Coach Green!
  5. (GDT) sharks at canucks@ 4:00 pm

    Going to be weird seeing the Badger against our Boys. Lets see a couple a goals but no 2PTs #CatchtheDevils.
  6. Hopefully some life is in the boys tonight and they aren't chasing their tail all night thanks to the coach's deployment. Score some goals boys and keep theirs out of net!. Go Canucks Go!
  7. The Team has to play the Shiny New Right Winger at his 1st game at home. Looking forward to this one, shame Buf's out and Laine has got a case of the sniffles. 3-1 for the home team Go Canucks Go!
  8. Scouting report on Gold Goblin was Gaborik like shot.....that wouldn't suck!. Keep it close tonight Boys and let see what the new kid's got.
  9. Danish Gretzky > Dutch Gretzky.......Welcome Back!
  10. I'm thinking Coach might try something different today. Don't know why I got this feeling we might see something shuffled. Think we are going shoot out today. 4-3 Canucks win over our old friend Cory.
  11. Those Cheap SOB's need to drop the cash level and make it a hat trick. BTW Vintage did an Awesome job with the GDT!. Go Nucks 3-1 for the team that literally is on fire.
  12. Canucks are winning... but not because of coaching

    I went from fire the Coach to I think he can roll out the year. I think Willie is a better Junior coach and that has helped him with the younger players. There is a number of positives of late I will give Willie credit for. The fact he has kept the Huns at the gate and strung 5 in a row is not an accident. Would be nice if we swept the Flames to really see what we have here.
  13. The Boys seem to be playing with confidence now. I like our chances of a win as long as they don't get ahead and then sit back. Seems simple but play to win instead of try not to lose. 3-2 Win for the Canucks!