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  1. Danish Gretzky > Dutch Gretzky.......Welcome Back!
  2. I'm thinking Coach might try something different today. Don't know why I got this feeling we might see something shuffled. Think we are going shoot out today. 4-3 Canucks win over our old friend Cory.
  3. Those Cheap SOB's need to drop the cash level and make it a hat trick. BTW Vintage did an Awesome job with the GDT!. Go Nucks 3-1 for the team that literally is on fire.
  4. I went from fire the Coach to I think he can roll out the year. I think Willie is a better Junior coach and that has helped him with the younger players. There is a number of positives of late I will give Willie credit for. The fact he has kept the Huns at the gate and strung 5 in a row is not an accident. Would be nice if we swept the Flames to really see what we have here.
  5. The Boys seem to be playing with confidence now. I like our chances of a win as long as they don't get ahead and then sit back. Seems simple but play to win instead of try not to lose. 3-2 Win for the Canucks!
  6. Willie D I dare you to dress Pedan tonight and show some muscle!. Like he reads this forum but you never know.
  7. the LC Slang for a liquor store. In Canada, most liquor stores are run by the government. This is known as the Liquor Commission. "Hey man let's go to the LC and get a six pack" #liquor store #liquor #canada #commission #alcohol
  8. And you're not AV Willie D!
  9. FFS I could not agree more.....
  10. Sven is not the only one who didn't shine against FLA. Interesting to give him the spot on the pine rather than 4th line slot. Willie are you a secret Genius?.
  11. For anyone who needs a review of the streak breaking win. Lets go Canucks!
  12. Have been scratching my head with the same thoughts. We always seem to be putting out fires rather than using fire prevention.
  13. I think the Bo Sven Jake line is going to have a good night tonight. Its been a while in the making but I can see this line getting 3 goals for a win tonight. Looking for more good things from Stetch and 88 also. On a side note lets get Pedan up soon and get team size average up. Be less running around on the twins.
  14. Penguins had this problem twice and pulled the trigger and it worked out for them.