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  1. I think the Bo Sven Jake line is going to have a good night tonight. Its been a while in the making but I can see this line getting 3 goals for a win tonight. Looking for more good things from Stetch and 88 also. On a side note lets get Pedan up soon and get team size average up. Be less running around on the twins.
  2. Penguins had this problem twice and pulled the trigger and it worked out for them.
  3. The Coach has the Team on edge, ever worked for an incompetent Manager?. Same deal everyone is suffering paralysis by over analysis. Lets clutch the sticks a little harder now boys!
  4. I was trying to give an example of the rigidity of the plan not examples of the plan with such and such players. I will throw you a "Willie D" bone though there has been drastically less "too many men" penalties this year!
  5. You and I could sit down before a game and draw up a system. Send the boys out on the ice see them work/fail with the system and do a postmortem after. We don't adjust anything during the game and wait for a result. In the meantime we get out coached because we don't address whats happening on the ice. WD is a wreck at times and the team takes on the stress of that behavior. Old news were you around for the Rick Ley experiment and how about Tom Renney? Both are great examples of guys who lacked player respect, lets throw Torts and Keenan into the mix as well.
  6. I know Crawford can get hot but I think he has league respect. WD looks defeated, confused and over caffeinated....
  7. I would welcome Marc Crawford back in a heartbeat. WD"s miscues and lack of adaptation to situational play are not going to improve. The player selections for games and line construction are not going to get better. WD's false confidence has players feeling like the are moving in quicksand. A team often takes on the persona of the Coach. This why I think WD has plateaued in this league.
  8. Looks like there is a new engine that drives the team and he wears #53! Go Canucks Go.....
  9. This says it all for me....
  10. NHL Game center has it listed.
  11. I have always thought an Stanley cup team has been corner stoned by a Norris trophy D man. It is the one thing this team has been shy of in the SCF. Erhoff and Brown were close but we need a high level puck mover before another scoring winger. BTW that scoring winger is coming in free agency so I am happy to welcome Juolevi!. As for the OP I hope you have enjoyed your CDC vacation.
  12. In case no one brought this...
  13. Like to see a good physical game from our Canucks tonight!.
  14. Going to the game tonight hope there is a pulse on the ice from the home team. Please just make it close boys and then go for the win!.
  15. Great observations by the OP. I have no problem with a coaching change if its timely and appropriate. It will be interesting to see how this year concludes in the standings. I hope if it becomes a raging dumpster fire by April the Coach is toast. Nice guys finnish last Willie and I'm ok with that because it means high draft spot.