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  1. I have always thought an Stanley cup team has been corner stoned by a Norris trophy D man. It is the one thing this team has been shy of in the SCF. Erhoff and Brown were close but we need a high level puck mover before another scoring winger. BTW that scoring winger is coming in free agency so I am happy to welcome Juolevi!. As for the OP I hope you have enjoyed your CDC vacation.
  2. In case no one brought this...
  3. Like to see a good physical game from our Canucks tonight!.
  4. Going to the game tonight hope there is a pulse on the ice from the home team. Please just make it close boys and then go for the win!.
  5. Great observations by the OP. I have no problem with a coaching change if its timely and appropriate. It will be interesting to see how this year concludes in the standings. I hope if it becomes a raging dumpster fire by April the Coach is toast. Nice guys finnish last Willie and I'm ok with that because it means high draft spot.
  6. I try and give Willie the benefit of the doubt. Moving hulk out and smurfs in against the Ducks is a plot out of tank nation. Unless Willie is a sadist looking for a higher body count this makes no sense.
  7. I think the boys got some confidence back against the Wings. Our third line better skate like the wind in this one. 3-2 Win for the road warriors.
  8. As long as the effort is there until real help arrives I'm good. When I mean help it's a couple of reliable D men.
  9. That would be ironic if our defense shut the ladies man Kane down. Canucks win this one 3-1!.
  10. I was at the Buff game on Monday and yes I tossed my Millionaires hat. The key to the win was the emotion in the building. Although some sat through goal celebrations to monitor their phones?. The fans were all in and the team fed off that noise and energy in the building. If the fans are in it tonight the winning streak begins with the Rangers. We will see.....
  11. I am glad to see the record of suspensions our Canucks have committed courtesy of the OP. Transgressions mean players care so unless the team gets some fight in them we might go without this year. Thanks for pointing this out OP it is quite a curious observation indeed.
  12. I agree the playoffs are not kind to the Canucks. I think the players should be the ones raising hell.
  13. I like the team this year and think we could make the playoffs with proper player management. Willie does make the corrections and adjustments necessary for players but not in a timely fashion. In time when staff over the season become more comfortable with player combinations the adjustments will be easier. The regular season is for getting out the bugs. When WD makes real time corrections and adjustments the critics will become fans of his coaching.
  14. To the OP the hitting stats are not my concern but I am with you about the lack of timely hits in a game. The hesitation created in opponents minds when a big hitter is on the ice is valuable. I don't think the coaching staff puts any emphasis on this style of play so the big hitters watch from the bench. As long as the hits come in the Playoffs I'm good.
  15. I like that 3rd line, they could do some damage. I would like to see the 4th line rough up some customers in that Stars line up. Miller starting is a head scratcher, Willie better have his hook ready for this one. I would love to see a win in Dallas!. 5-4 Nucks.