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  1. Wonder if there has been any discussion about loaning Eriksson to Europe? Chicago did that with Huet way back to get out from his contract. I believe we would negotiate a deal with a team where they take over a portion of his contract and we front the rest, but that would be a way around the mutual termination. Loui gets his money and we get rid of him and his cap hit. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/blackhawks/ct-xpm-2010-11-20-chi-101120-cristobal-huet-blackhawks-hersh-story,amp.html&ved=2ahUKEwj_yduVmKHjAhXvUN8KHUlnAngQFjACegQICBAI&usg=AOvVaw3GABueE3LTQNHA-3std1NG&ampcf=1
  2. There were reports that they were shopping Perrault before the draft. He has 2 years at 4.13 left on his deal. Wonder if we could poach him for cheap. Goldy and a mid pick? Could be a nice complementary piece to Bo and Pearson and the cap won't interfere with Petterson's next deal.
  3. Sportsnet is saying that he does, and his agent is saying that he is better on the right than the left. Sounds like good flexibility for the line up.
  4. As long as there's no NMC, and we can expose Myers in the expansion draft, I'm fine with 5x6. Not overly thrilled, but you have to pay a premium for right shot defence men that can play top 4 minutes, though its been beaten to death if he's actually should play that much. If he's paired with Hughes, then they'll likely get more offensive zone starts, so hopefully that shelters them a bit. Edler - Tanev Hughes - Myers Should be a step up from what we've had in the past. Hopefully everyone can stay healthy.
  5. I agree that Hutton isn't worth 4+ over a multi year deal, but a 1x4 wouldn't hurt unless we plan on taking in more cap in a Panarin or cap dump. It's still an over payment, but at least it's manageable and he could be flipped later
  6. Would that shed enough salary to make it worth it for Vegas? Shea is only making 5.2, Virtanen @ 1.25 and Hutton has been rumored to be asking around 4. They would likely ask us to take Clarkson's contact as well, which I would be willing to do. I'm guessing VGK will attempt to shed some of the more replaceable guys like Miller, Haula or Eakins for picks and replace them with minimum salary guys.
  7. Don't hate the trade. I think many people were initially expecting this to be a pure cap dump, but it's not. Miller is still a very good player, signed to a reasonable contract. It's a typical hockey trade. My thought is that Tampa is tight to the cap and needed to move something out, so you would expect a bit of a discount. But it may be that Benning didn't want a cap dump (Callahan) and wanted someone who could contribute. So the price goes back to market value.
  8. Good. Did not like suzuki. Glad we won't have to sweat him at 40.
  9. Hoping for Tomasino (long shot), Grewe or Korczak
  10. Look at the must sign by date for pod :D
  11. I knew it was a long shot, but I was hoping Heinola would be available at our 2nd..
  12. To be fair, everyone looks good in those jerseys. They're great.