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  1. If after the lottery, we're sitting 4th and Buffalo is in the 7/8/9 range, would anyone be against a trade of Tanev/4th overall for Reinhart/1st? Or something of that ilk. I'd be fine with Necas, Petterson or Makar in that late top 10 range
  2. We clearly have very different opinions on Villardi. Personally, I hope we don't draft him. That said I would take: McDavid - Draisaitl Eichel - ROR Kopitar - Carter Over two clones of Horvat (and I love Bo).
  3. Not even close.. Petty sure Edmonton, Buffalo, LA, and a few others would still be ahead of us. If we got Patrick or Hersh, then maybe in a few years.
  4. I can see Vegas wanting to add some punch to their lineup. Most mock drafts have them with a pretty weak offense. That said, I doubt they pay that much for the Sedins. Even if they waive for Vegas, there likely wouldn't be much of a market for them simply due to the cap hit they carry together. The biggest thing coming back for Vancouver would be the cap space -- which is extremely valuable these days. Vegas will have other options too. With their available cap space (and assuming their new owner is willing to spend) they could use their space to take on some bad contracts while adding young talent as compensation (see the Teravinen/Bickell trade) or sign guys like Thornton, Marleau, Radulov, Vanek etc who all produce at a similar rate and only cost cash. Simply put, if we could do Daniel & Hank for a condition 2018 2nd (becomes a 1st if VGK make the playoffs) I would pull the trigger. Honestly, I'd probably do any deal where we don't have to retain salary for less.
  5. Paul Gaustad would probably be a closer comparison.
  6. User Actions Follow Pittsburgh PenguinsVerified account‏@penguins The #Pens have re-signed goalie Matt Murray (@mattmurray_30) to a three-year contract extension. Details: http://pens.pe/2eUQ3E3 Pierre LeBrun ‏@Real_ESPNLeBrun 9m9 minutes ago Further to @TSNBobMcKenzie, Matt Murray's new contract with the Penguins will be for three years and $3.75 million per season
  7. We can all calm down! Ryan Biech ‏@ryanbiech 7m7 minutes ago Pedan has cleared waivers #Canucks
  8. That's a HUGE price to pay for a little financial flexibility. 11th overall pick two drafts ago..
  9. That's right. I knew he had a NMC at one point -- I thought it was still in effect.
  10. Does Detroit need to protect Howard? If so, Las Vegas has an easy choice taking Mrazek.
  11. I agree. I were Hoffman, I would have either pushed for 2-3 years (cashing in at 28/29) or for a longer 6-8 year deal.
  12. Philadelphia Flyers ‏@NHLFlyers 4m4 minutes ago Per GM Ron Hextall, the #Flyers have agreed to terms on a four-year contract with Brayden Schenn → Bobby McBoatface ‏@TSNBobMcKenzie 1m1 minute ago Bobby McBoatface Retweeted SportsCentre $5.125 AAV:
  13. Chris Johnston ‏@reporterchris 11m11 minutes ago Sources: The #leafs only receive pick in Bernier trade if goalie reaches 2017 Stanley Cup: http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/breaking-conditional-pick-leafs-bernier-trade …
  14. I stopped at Forsberg. Not gonna happen.
  15. Edmonton proved that isn't as easy as it appears..