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  1. We're going to be bad next year regardless (whether we trade Tanev or not). A top 3/4/5 pick would be great, but we'll still get a good player in the first round. I just want us to stockpile picks for next draft. Look what an extra 2nd does for the pool. If JB can grab an extra 1st and/or a couple more 2nds with a few later picks I will be stoked.
  2. Meh. It's a long offseason. Things change, sometimes quickly. He's not a pending UFA, so there's no rush to deal him unless we're blown away. Teams can get quite reactive after division rivals make big splashes
  3. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Smith has some sort of NTC, and "wants to win". So 1: I doubt he waives for Vancouver. 2: that dump is not worth a top 10 pick. Maybe #38, at best.
  4. Tampa says no. At best (IMO) Tanev gets your Drouin straight up. Baertschi and a 3rd will not get your a mid teens pick. Also Philly?
  5. Hard pass on that deal for me. I like his odds of bouncing back far more than Ladd, who had been slowing down for a couple of years already in Winnipeg. That said, if NYI is willing to sweeten the pot, I'm more than open to listening. I've heard Strome has been in and out of the doghouse
  6. Like many people here, I'm on the fence for aquiring Seabrook. But just food for thought, for those saying the contract would hinder us long term, the Sedins only have a year left at a combined 14.2 million. I would hope that their next contracts (if they return) would be much closer to 5ish on a 1-2 year deal, with the total decreasing until they eventually retire. So in 4-5 years, which seems to be the stitching point with many posters, we won't be anymore handicapped than we are now. Plus, besides Bo, none of our current prospects look to be breaking the bank before then, though one can hope So if we can get some grade A assets, I'm all for grabbing Seabs
  7. If we manage to get a pick in the early teens he would definitely be one guy I would hope we grab.
  8. Good thing Casey is heading to uni. He'll have lots of time to hit the gym and build up his strength.
  9. While I'll be happy with almost anyone rated around 5, I'm leaning towards Glass. I can see the Scheifele comparison, and would give him the same treatment. Few people thought Scheif would become the player he is now, and if Glass can come close to that it's a huge win.
  10. The canucks should take a flyer on as many boom or bust guys like yak as possible. If he can even get to be top 6 or mid 6 offensive forward it's a win. And all it would cost is$? Sign me up. I see a couple of people say he has Russia bound all over him. Who cares it would be a one year deal at worst.
  11. If after the lottery, we're sitting 4th and Buffalo is in the 7/8/9 range, would anyone be against a trade of Tanev/4th overall for Reinhart/1st? Or something of that ilk. I'd be fine with Necas, Petterson or Makar in that late top 10 range
  12. We clearly have very different opinions on Villardi. Personally, I hope we don't draft him. That said I would take: McDavid - Draisaitl Eichel - ROR Kopitar - Carter Over two clones of Horvat (and I love Bo).
  13. Not even close.. Petty sure Edmonton, Buffalo, LA, and a few others would still be ahead of us. If we got Patrick or Hersh, then maybe in a few years.
  14. I can see Vegas wanting to add some punch to their lineup. Most mock drafts have them with a pretty weak offense. That said, I doubt they pay that much for the Sedins. Even if they waive for Vegas, there likely wouldn't be much of a market for them simply due to the cap hit they carry together. The biggest thing coming back for Vancouver would be the cap space -- which is extremely valuable these days. Vegas will have other options too. With their available cap space (and assuming their new owner is willing to spend) they could use their space to take on some bad contracts while adding young talent as compensation (see the Teravinen/Bickell trade) or sign guys like Thornton, Marleau, Radulov, Vanek etc who all produce at a similar rate and only cost cash. Simply put, if we could do Daniel & Hank for a condition 2018 2nd (becomes a 1st if VGK make the playoffs) I would pull the trigger. Honestly, I'd probably do any deal where we don't have to retain salary for less.
  15. Paul Gaustad would probably be a closer comparison.