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  1. He missed the open net from his own end today. Scratch him.
  2. I haven't said that in years but especially after this I'm converted back to his Bieksallency again
  3. Went to Kits beach today. Was crazy hot and probably not the best choice but the water was nice as ever though. Best thing about summer are the evening breezes. It's just so perfect. And having a nice cool basement helps a ton too.
  4. It's beautiful. Especially compared to a couple of weeks ago this is perfection. Embrace the heat. And like some users said, thank god its not humid.
  5. Banned again for not putting an end to this seemingly unending thread. I will return again with the ban to end all bans. Just not right now.
  6. Banned for not being able to come up with the one ban to end them all. This thread is never going to die. And I intend to make it.
  7. Banned for being male.
  8. Banned for not banning previous poster!!!!!! Fail Chain. Ban for failing. a mod should really ban us all for the reasons we stated...
  9. Banned for using your fingers to type up your post. This is strictly a no fingers zone.
  10. Banned for not realizing that your previous does not know it's 2010 now. Banned for preferring Jim over Nard Dog.
  11. Banned for sticking up for the newbs
  12. I'm an umbrella-flipped-inside-out-and-have-it-fly-out-of-your-hands victim today.
  13. Quick!Everyone in Vancouver give Burrows $5 each. But honestly even though we don't know him in person, Burrows seems like he'd be thankful for what he has. All the more reason to support Burr
  14. The better he's been playing the more I've been worried about him staying. He's definitely more than an average 2nd line centre for sure...and in my eyes I think he can elevate his game to first-line status. Has this fish grown too big for our pond?
  15. Thanks for the profile view. :)