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  1. I don't mind Hamhuis not getting traded, but Vrbata? Not even a mid-round pick? C'mon! Jim should've taken anything for him. No one needs his mopey attitude around the team.
  2. He didn't make a mistake, anyone who knows hockey knows that Pacioretty was the one to make the mistake. Subban blew a tire, it happens. It was a 3-on-3 coverage in the Canadians zone, if Max knew anything defensively he wouldn't have puck watched and lost his man. That loss was all on Max.
  3. You guys really don't know symptoms of a concussion...
  4. Not everyone is going to give up on the NHL just because the Canucks may not get a PP. I'm not the one sour here... So who pissed in yours, Goose?
  5. Ah yes! With a $4B revenue last year, your $20 will definitely show who's boss!
  6. What happens when Miller is still on their team next year? You don't want your goalies to be eating up $12.5M. If I was Montreal I probably wouldn't take it.
  7. Maybe once Newton wins a ring
  8. A definite first line centre who's big, strong and can lead a team through a season with already two Stanley Cups is worth $8M? What're you smoking man? A well deserved $10M contract, in my opinion. Not necessarily. Could be an ageless wonder like Jumbo Joe.
  9. Yeah, not on the ice for any goals scored is really terrible, with under 12 mins of ice time... All his fault Not like Hank took a brutal, rookie-esque line change... Higgins must've told him to do that
  10. So basically the only members of the team who are consistent should risk injury especially considering they don't know how to fight... I'll pass.
  11. Chychrun, heh