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  1. Jannik Hansen

    Agreed. You need some rock solid guys who you can depend on.. Hansen has always played well with young players, and his defensive play is a great asset to a young player who will make the odd mistake and not get reemed out for it.
  2. Kassian for Hodgson now ?

    Does it really matter? It's not like Kassian has cemented his spot on this team. In a few years, both of these players could be finding new teams as new youth gets injected. Kassian is still wildly inconsistent and has not proven anything yet.
  3. Vancouver Salaries: Lowest in Canada?

    It's okay dude. All of us thought we would be making $100k+/yr by age 25. I admit I was one of those guys back when I was a naive teen.
  4. ECF: (4) Montreal Canadiens vs (5) New York Rangers

    Holy cow, what a shot. But bad breakdown at the end, you don't leave MSL open like that.
  5. If Lucic didn't make a big scene in the handshake lineup, then the reporters wouldn't be hounding Weise about what happened.
  6. So can we assume A V wasn't the problem?

    Give me reasons why you think Kassian would have not been available during the off season. Short of Hodgson suffering a career ending injury in the playoffs, Hodgson had much more value than Kassian who was pushed out of the lineup into the AHL by guys like Stafford and Foligno at the time. Kassian was still way too rough along the edges to make any difference in the playoffs, let alone having AV trust him on the ice with only a month of being on the roster. MG's narrow-minded vision of a hockey team just includes a weigh scale.
  7. So can we assume A V wasn't the problem?

    While I'm not the biggest AV fan, I was calling for MG's head since the end of the 2011-2012 season with the disasters on Torres, Ehrhoff, and Hodgson. Simply put, MG should have been canned last year, not AV. If this year was still disaster, then can AV.
  8. I don't mind Chinese only signs if the context is right. For example, shops at Yaohan Centre or Crystal Mall where the shop owner can barely speak English himself. But this is on public grounds and by a large corporation. They have no excuse to not have that translated, as they have more than enough resources to have someone do it. This isn't some ragtag Ma and Pa shop scraping to get by and making makeshift signs on scrap pieces of cardboard.
  9. who cares, he already surpassed expectations. Any team is lucky to have a 4th liner step up and play hero for one of their 16 wins in the playoffs.
  10. Jason Garrison potential buyout candidate

    Who cares. The expensive part of his contract is over. His cap hit is fairly easy to swallow at $3.8M or something. He's also durable as he plays a style not conducive to injuries. We'll get back the Edler of old cuz he will be able to play without thinking.
  11. Yes secondary players are replaceable, but you still have to replace them. We lost 3 players who could QB the powerplay (Samuellson, Salo, Ehrhoff), and none of them were replaced with a player of equivalent ability. We went from a team overflowing with depth at centre to a team that has had to use wingers or AHL players to fill the middle the last 2 years. We went from 2 star goalies to none.
  12. Our success has only been for a relatively short period. I don't think it's a good excuse. Pittsburgh and Chicago have still remained competitive after winning their cups. Chicago pretty much had to dismantle most of their team after 2010.
  13. Well, we'll never know where negotiations could have gone with Ehrhoff cuz Gillis shipped him off as soon Ehrhoff rejected the insulting "Bieksa caphit". Gillis made a huge mistake in playing favourites and choosing Bieksa as the gold standard for Canuck defense and viewing Ehrhoff as the guy riding shotgun. Also have to remember that his rights were first traded to the Islanders where he rejected a boatload of money from them, before his rights were traded to the Sabres. And who knows... at this point I could see Buffalo rebuilding faster than the Canucks with them having like 10 draft picks in the first two rounds in the upcoming draft.
  14. The Canucks will never.. eeeee...ever win the cup as long as the Sedins are signed for $7M/year.
  15. Off topic, did they announce this game as a sellout?