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  1. It's so short sighted of the NHL owners to think a few premium seats is worth it over making a better game that will increase worldwide viewership.
  2. I just know my motivation to follow hockey on a regular basis has dropped a lot ever since Don Taylor and the Sportsnet Pacific crew left.
  3. Even if one of our kids is a better option, it doesn't necessarily mean we should do it. Unless if the kid was a significantly better option, which is unlikely. We don't want to be an Edmonton type team where we throw the kids in on a trial by fire basis. If we can let them develop in the AHL, we should let them do that. Overloading our roster with kids when they are not ready is not good in the long run. And dumping Higgins mid-season will just put another black mark for the club. Try to trade him for a 6th rounder, or buy him out when the season is over.
  4. Always been a huge Jannik Hansen supporter from the start. Trade Raymond, trade Bernier, trade Booth, trade Higgins, I don't care, but please... DO NOT TRADE HANSEN Every team that wins a cup has a Hansen type player who is capable of filling in on all 4 lines and is a rock on defense. Opponents hate playing against him because it you know you're in for a tough shift. While I am glad he is putting up points, it does make you question the Canucks as a whole. Other players need to step it up!
  5. There are lots of big nasty players in the league who have an equal chance as Lucic of being targeted. Except that Lucic doesn't have the respect of his peers and the referees as he is known to be a dirty player and a bully.
  6. Agreed. You need some rock solid guys who you can depend on.. Hansen has always played well with young players, and his defensive play is a great asset to a young player who will make the odd mistake and not get reemed out for it.
  7. bah, this season is pretty much over. Everyone in the house is boring. John's charm has faded a while ago for me. Austin has been such a disappointing character this season, from an entertainment standpoint. The twins are just annoying, repeating the obvious over and over. Vanessa's crying and explosions are annoying. Someone freaking stand up to her. And Steve... his grapefruits are size of raisins. He will go down as the most cowardice player in the show.
  8. Even though everyone raves about his booming slapshot, the best part of his game was actually his game sense. He always made the right decision, and he made his teammates better players.
  9. I really do not like how they are turning this into a George W Bush type campaign, "either you're with us, or you're against us". And they also seem to have a crap load of money for this marketing machine with radio ads, tv commercials, and glowing newspaper articles. Now they're even sending / bribing people hit the streets to convince people as if they were part of Unicef or something. I also find it absurd for them to say they have no money and that our system can't handle 1 million more people. Well I mean, if we have 1 million more people, we have 1 million more people paying taxes. That means you will be getting money for your projects. (assuming you don't flush those funds down the drain like the Compass project)
  10. How come when the Canucks get a bad pairing, Bieksa's name is always in the conversation? ie. Bieksa / Edler. Maybe because Bieksa is just an anchor and freeloader, and he can't stand by himself as a defenseman. He needs someone else to make him look good.
  11. Bieksa has been living off his reputation for years. He's always been an average player who's success comes from riding off the coat tail of a better partner (Mitchell, Hamhuis) or racking up 2nd assists when on the ice with the Sedins. When he has to be the main man, he falls flat. He does just enough: occasional fight, highlight reel play to keep his supporters rallying for him. But all in all, he is a very inconsistent and unreliable player, especially when you play him 18+ mins a night. Now that salary cap isn't an issue, I'm fine with keeping him around for "leadership". But I would dump him in a second if a clear better alternative came around. Or I would limit his ice time and let the younger players play in the key situations. Regardless, this is as good as Bieksa gets and it isn't nearly good enough. He is on the decline (and has been for a while IMHO)
  12. LOL, rule number one about government. You don't ASK if you can raise the taxes. It will always fail. And besides, what has Translink proven that they can run the system efficiently? I mean, they predicted that the Canada Line would not reach full capacity until 10 years later. Yet, after the first year it was jam packed. Of course, they wouldn't know that cuz they never take it during rush hour. It only took them a year and a half to increase the train frequency from 3-5 mins from 5-7 mins for more than 3 hours of the day. And the compass card is just a huge debacle and eye sore right now. I mean, how hard is it to emulate a system used in Japan or Hong Kong that has been running for years with exponentially more users? It's not like they are working on something revolutionary.
  13. Does it really matter? It's not like Kassian has cemented his spot on this team. In a few years, both of these players could be finding new teams as new youth gets injected. Kassian is still wildly inconsistent and has not proven anything yet.
  14. It's okay dude. All of us thought we would be making $100k+/yr by age 25. I admit I was one of those guys back when I was a naive teen.
  15. Holy cow, what a shot. But bad breakdown at the end, you don't leave MSL open like that.