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  1. Tony Gallagher

    At least he's not Glenn Healy
  2. Expectations for Sbisa?

    I Beg To Differ. And it ain't gonna change till he starts doing something, anything, well.
  3. Expectations for Sbisa?

    Sbisa needs to just give the puck to Hutton asap. There was a cpl shifts last night where the play just died in the canucks zone over and over when it went to Luca. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I saw the forwards avoiding safe passes to him that would've gone to another player. Just because of the black hole that is Sbisa. He's 26 just after Christmas, sorry I don't see any big jump in awareness or puck skills coming. And he hardly intimidates anyone. They don't all pan out, Kesler trade expectations and all is hardly a reason for his underwhelming play. He was also the defensemen coming back in a Chris Pronger trade, so it's not a first time he's faced expectations. Let's hope he can be hidden enough to be snuck into a trade package. Sbisa is not the big tough "cornerstone" dman every team needs, he's a fairly poor stopgap. I personally wonder if Chara for a cpl seasons would be possible. If Benning is thinking Lucic, id prefer a slow defensemen that scares the "shat" out of players then a slow forward if we're talking slow bruins. Chara > Sbisa any day.
  4. Expectations for Sbisa?

  5. Yup. The Canucks haven't even drafted the next Gen Defense yet. They'll have to get a cpl of "foundation" players to bridge the HUGE gap in the organization.
  6. Vrbata and Hamhuis does 75% of that. Plus the cap goes up a cpl Million....that's certainly doable
  7. Ok that would be nice. The money coming off the books each of the next 3 years will be big, just seems like Lucic is Benning guy. Oh "semenko" effect was a relative term. Big guys gotta play, and Lucic and Buff are hardly one dimensional. Seabrook ....hmmmm....Blackhawks certainly don't have cap room without dumping Kane...
  8. It's obvious the D is the big prob in the present (especially once Hamhuis is done) and future (nothing high end coming). Benning is not stupid. And last summer when he had players he liked available he pounced on Vrbata and Miller. Lucic seems like a given, but what about Byfuglien as a #1 dman, and Edler and Tanev as one of the best 2nd pairs in the NHL? Giordano was a Norris frontrunner till he got hurt last year (GP61-11-37-48) Byfuglien last year - (GP69-18-27-45) = 53pts in 82 games. Edler lead the Canucks last year with 31pts. Would seem like the big hard hitting Dman is exactly what Benning would like (see Pedan) Vrbata+Hamhuis cap money towards Lucic and Byfuglien new deals would certainly give the new kids coming up that "Semenko effect" What's the odds he would come here? I would've guessed earlier Kane would've been the former Jet here, but he answers alot of big questions for the Canucks
  9. So what a top pair of Tanev and Hamhuis? Benning knows he's free next year, Hamhuis and a prospect at best. And shudder, sbisa as the #3
  10. Whoh. Lucid would be SO motivated. Not a bad example to get Zack to "free the beast" once and for all. Lucic, Kassian, Dorsett, Kenins, Horvat, Hansen, Virtanen... Sandpaper won't be an issue with that pack of dogs on the loose. Let alone the bunch of 6'4" + Defensemen Benning now has on the way.
  11. I'd assume that's a non starter for Benning
  12. Yes I heard this on 1040 a few minutes ago. Hope Benning doesn't waste too much getting Lucic now if he can have him for free in 12 months. Too bad it sounds like a dman to Bruins if it does. I think Hamilton would make the 2nd pair 'real good' in Vancouver if Benning did a bigger deal.....
  13. [Trade] VAN Kevin Bieksa to ANA

    Markstrom and Juice to move up into the top ten? And keep Lack? Make it so #1
  14. [proposal/discussion] BOS-VAN

    Bob McKenzie is talking about the Bruins and the "situation" with Doug Hamilton. What about Lucic and the Dman the canucks could use with Hamilton in a bigger trade?
  15. [Trade] Sven Baertschi to Canucks

    28 points in his first 66 games in the NHL. Thats a pretty good pace if its all in one rookie season. 28 points on the current roster (after 62 games so far) would be 4th highest.... considering some of the 2nd round duds of the last few years Sauve, Mallet, Rodin etc I'll take his potential