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  1. My pet peeve: buses that are 5-6 mins early. This problem seems avoidable since all the driver needs to do is leave their starting stop when they are suppose to. Obviously the arrival times are not going to be perfect and there are not always many passengers, but over 5 mins early is a lot. I use the NextBus system, usaully I arrive at the stop 5mins before the time their text message tells me. Last time I arrive 6 mins early but I see the bus leave the stop. Just my little rant.
  2. This seems like Im just preparing now because of Japan, but I dont care. What can I do to prepare? I've heard of grab-n-go emergency kits but they aren't at the stores I've checked out. Thanks. All the best to those in Japan.
  3. Anyone think there should be telephone recption in skytrian tunnels. I cant do anything when im in it. And wouldnt the phone companies pay $ to translink... not sure but sounds alright.
  4. It makes me wonder how much it actually takes to make it into the NHL. I saw on AfterHours that Bieksa went to College instead of jr because he wanted an education and got degree in something. It means he isnt actually a stupid person. He kind of seems smart in interviews, his answers are really creative. Then, he looks stupid on the ice...
  5. Anyone used the next bus system, you text message translink and u get the bus schedule. im surprised how well it works lol
  6. Anyone know what sites I upload pictures so I can post it to CDC. Does photobucket work

  7. lol Just noticed chinese year new this week too. Main Street station and Stadium stations are going to be packed. And nitronuts, do you know how many trains they are using this week, and are they just going to be using the same number of trains as peak hours the entire day or somthing.
  8. Ya I hate how many stops there are on bus 16. The stops are too close together too. You can easily throw a rock far enough to hit the people at the next stop.
  9. O but other trains are still going to run, just asking why they switch them when they aren't damaged or anything
  10. Hey does anyone know why Translink takes train out of service in the middle of service. Pretty annoying giving up seat and waiting for another train. And all the trains do is get parked with lights and everything turned on.
  11. The street cars look pretty nice. Hopefully they will be faster than how fast they were going in that video
  12. Hey has anyone noticed a film set like area along the Skytrain tracks inbetween Edmunds Station and 22nd I think. Just wondering what it is lol. And just for fun, has anyone met someone famous or semi-famous on the skytrain like a BC Lion, News anchor or someone like that. lol
  13. I hate when i see that happen, its just a couple of seconds yet drivers still drive off
  14. No pants? lol just kidding but you wear a lot lol
  15. hey anyone know how to get from the exit at Granville skytrain station to the olympic superstore place