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  1. Prize procession? You sure 'bout that?
  2. Vote for Ben Hutton for the Hobey Baker

    Chase Balisy is going to make a late push... He's about to crack the 70 vote mark any day now.
  3. [Signing] VAN Extends Jannik Hansen

    If Hansen ever hits free agency, some GM will throw huge money at him. There are coaches and GM's that covet him. He's the one guy on this squad that always brings his testicles to the rink every night. Should be a Nuck for life, absolute heart and soul guy. Great signing.
  4. Breaking Bad

    Agreed. I think the final shot will be Walt dosing himself with ricin as the Cops swarm in, following a shootout with Jack's crew.
  5. Breaking Bad

    Walt's "confession" CD will come into play now. Hank and Gomez will die, or be left for dead. Jesse will take off in Walt's car. Walt will be discovered later on, by the police, handcuffed in Hank's SUV, surrounded by dead cops and dead neo-nazis. He will say that Hank and Gomez took him to the desert to execute him (like he predicted in his confession). Which is why he was handcuffed. He'll say Hank was meeting up with his new cook, when things went bad and shots were fired. He'll turn over the confession, and get witness protection for selling out Todd and Uncle Jack. Several murders and drug charges will be pinned on the now deceased Hank and Gomez.
  6. I have a DATE :)

    Did you at least tell her that you were cancelling because your testicles haven't dropped yet? Or, did you lie?
  7. I have a DATE :)

    $200 will impress her, if she's 11... or homeless.
  8. I have a DATE :)

  9. Under the Dome tv show on Global

    Just how drunk are you when watching? The acting is atrocious. Standard fare for a network series I guess. the first couple of episodes were ok, but the cheese factor got unbearable after eps 4 and 5.
  10. **Comparing Cody Hodgson to Claude Giroux**

    Wow Dude... Nothing like an 18 month pause in the conversation to collect your thoughts. But with the time you had to prepare, I was expecting more from your bump post.
  11. Could Be Worse, Y'know...

    Sounds almost as bad as Milk Hotdog.
  12. I'm really gonna miss all the Raymond, Ballard and a 1st rumours...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. TheRussianRocket.

      That's too much in our side Edler alone can get us Malkin. Booth Tanev 1st

    3. The Brahma Bull

      Ebbett, Bieksa and a 1st. :D

    4. S.Mouse!

      I'm thinkin' Booth, Weise and a 2nd. That's a package no GM could refuse!

  13. 1st period hits, PHX 22 Van 5.

  14. Jason Garrison so far?

  15. The Walking Dead Thread