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  1. Trading the Sedins (Discussion)

    Uh oh, Nanna's off her meds again.
  2. Trading the Sedins (Discussion)

    Found the senior citizen.
  3. Virtanen's role next year

    HIs options are, 1st line in Utica. Dominating and scoring like a beast. Or, splitting time with Dorsett on The Nucks 4th line/Press box. Let the kid loose in the AHL. A year from now he will come back as a monster, physically and mentally ready to rip it up in the NHL
  4. The depressing thing would be spending another 5 years in purgatory... missing the playoffs, but drafting 15th overall. This year will be another step forward. Drafting top 10 isn't a bad thing, when you're in a division with 3 teams who are loading up for a cup run. Pick your battles... In 2 years, we will be back on top. This year, not so much... How is that depressing? Here's a link for anyone who thinks we will be contenders this year, since we're dishing out psychological support... http://mentalhealthdaily.com/2015/05/12/delusions-of-grandeur-causes-symptoms-treatment/
  5. I will always be around for you Deb. Don't get me wrong, I love The Canucks. This year is going to be a tough one. The 3 Cali teams are stacked, and we are in transition... That's just keeping it real.
  6. They will get destroyed by all 3 California teams, this year. But who cares? Not a contender, so we might as well get a decent pick next June.
  7. Most intense rivalry the Canucks will have?

    Arizona. Screw those guys, we get the most balls in next years lottery.
  8. Do you have trouble typing with your green and blue pom-poms on? I'm all for rose coloured glasses, but come on...
  9. Jimmy Vesey a possibility?

    Technically, there is no courting period. However, if your Dad is a high level executive with a team, and you go out for dinner on Father's Day and discuss your career...
  10. Jimmy Vesey a possibility?

    The difference is, Stamkos had leverage as far as negotiating salary. Vesey is limited by the terms of an ELC, he will get the max wherever he signs, so there's no point holding out if he was serious about Buffalo.
  11. Jimmy Vesey a possibility?

    If he was serious about Buffalo, he could sign there now. I think he will end up in Boston... Grew up in Boston area, played at Harvard, or Toronto... His Dad is a scout with the Leafs and his brother was drafted by the Leafs in 2014. We have no chance, whatsoever.
  12. Who's going to wear the 2nd "A"

    The A should go to the guy who is guaranteed to be on the ice when protecting a lead in the 3rd. So, Dorsett, clearly.
  13. My bad... That actually fits the lineup better anyways. Hartnell-Sutter-Hansen sounds ok to me. As for a hockey player drinking beer in July.... i suspect it's not the first time.
  14. The myth of the "tank" rebuild

    There's a time and place for a tear-down/tank style rebuild... This isn't it. If the culture of the team has failed, the locker room has fractured or the core has just burnt out due to age, then it's not a bad move to strip it for parts and start from scratch. I think The Canucks still have a good culture, and good leaders who are still playing at a relatively high level. Swapping out a couple of pieces per year in favour of younger players is a slow but prudent way to approach it. I don't think guys like the Sedins will allow loser culture to creep into the room, even if they lose a lot, like last season. They won't get complacent.
  15. Scott Hartnell sounds like exactly who Benning is describing, and is openly being shopped. He'd be great on Horvat's wing and as a mentor to guys like Horvat and Virtanen who should emulate his playing style. Our RW would be a bit crowded with Eriksson, Hartnell, Hansen, Rodin, Virtanen and Dorsett... But, if Virtanen goes to Utica to start the year and Rodin plays on the 4th line with Granlund, and gets PP time, it would be a good situation up and down the lineup. Burrows and Dorsett can play either wing so I'd rotate them on the 4th line LW when the teams healthy. Sedin-Sedin-Eriksson Baer-Horvat-Hartnell Etem-Sutter-Hansen Dorsett/Burrows-Granlund-Rodin Gaunce + Virtanen as Utica call-ups.