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  1. Sad to see Gilman go. He was a huge part to why the canucks were so successful in the last 5-6 years. His replacement has big shoes to fill.
  2. This is hard to understand. Can't see what the long term plan is here? Ugghh.....
  3. Keep Weber, pump up his value and flip him at the deadline
  4. Looks to be a project pick. That's alright for a 7th round pick. If one day he slots in as a 5/6 dman for the canucks I will call that a win.
  5. Agreed. I like the Boeser pick. Looks to be a winger that will nicely complement the centers we have already drafted. Brisebois and Jasek are also nice picks with great potential. Will take a little longer to develop but hopefully worth the wait. The other picks all seem like projects to me, so they could be years away. Not a 2013 or 2014 haul but still decent in my mind.
  6. I think it could very well start in the coming season. If the canucks are out of the playoff picture next year we have a lot of players to sell at the deadline. 2016 is going to be a deep draft too, so hopefully that is where we pick up our next franchise player(s)....
  7. If DD can play like he did last year or close to that consistently for this contract it will be great for the wild. If not, he could be a buyout in a couple years.
  8. He did alright. Would have liked to see more focus on drafting defenceman, but the picks were alright. Although I would have preferred a Dman over the russian.
  9. Surprised the Islanders traded Griffin for picks though. They are built to win now, could have used him to get a impact player that can play right now. They must have been really high on Barzal.
  10. Bound to happen that the oilers finally make a trade for what they need. Now it has
  11. Off the board with that one
  12. Yeah that was smooth.... hahaha
  13. Haha LA can overpay for Looch, he is not a player that fits into the Canucks new core. Why are people crying about this? Canucks are in a retool/rebuild. They are going to develop their own players not overpay for someone else's!
  14. Have to wait a few years to see how the picks turn out, but really both teams did pretty good here. Looks like Dougie is going to be a cornerstone Dman so great for the Flames. Boston really, really has to make the most of these picks though.
  15. Wow, did not see the flames coming out with Dougie