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  1. Dowd, doesn't sound to bad at all really. Already playing in the NHL and a right shot center that is good in the faceoff dot. Can't complain about this trade. Subban may or may not ever make the NHL.... Also, now all three Subban brothers have been moved by the team that originally drafted them!
  2. A brave young woman. Sticking her neck out like this is quite an act of bravery these days! There are still people out there fighting for free speech, good to see!
  3. Well, we are being told that we need immigration to to grow the country because our existing population is not having enough children to sustain the government services that are currently in place. I agree low wages are a part of that. But there are other reasons for this. Others have mentioned cultural reasons, that too is true. But this is a complicated issue, that is my point. Another point could be that Canadians are not having children so that they can reduce their carbon footprint. Canadians are not having children because more and more marriages are ending in divorce and the men are then on the hook for paying for the children (I am all for men paying for their kids, but the current legal system is way in the favour of women on this issue). There are many issues here and they are all complicated. The Government simply thinking they can solve this problem with bringing in more immigrants will most certainly not fix our underlying issues and will only exasperate these problems more. You pulled out the low wages point, okay, but why are wages low? If we could fix that, would that encourage Canadians to have more children and then Canada would not need to be so reliant on immigration? Why are wages low? - Government meddling in markets (how are private companies supposed to compete with tax payer backed public companies, and various draconian regulations/taxes?) - Immigration (more workers = lower wages) - More workers overall (Men and Women have both been caught up with needing to work, instead of being good parents in the home) - Inflation (Government printing money uncontrollably and devaluing our $) This is a complicated issue, yes low wages play a part but simply focusing on one issue and then only taking a look at the surface of the problem is not how we fix things here.
  4. The Government is looking to solve a very complicated problem with a very simple solution. Simply bringing in 1 million immigrants is a short sighted solution... Not against immigration, but perhaps looking into why Canadians are having less children and why we need to have a working population a certain size larger than the population that draws services is a better solution. Our Government services as they are now are not sustainable, let's fix this instead of compounding it more.
  5. Typical government action. Targeting the symptoms of the problem, not the root cause. The root cause is that there is a lot power and a high reward in the illegal drug trade. Remove that reward and power and you will see this problem go away. Make all drugs legal, educate people properly on them and regulate them.
  6. Thanks @Warhippy I appreciate you sharing your experience. Sorry, to hear that you have had these racist experiences, but not surprised. Glad to hear that instead of being a victim, you decided to take charge of your life and be productive and successful. I too see social media as having a massive impact on how our society is today. It has so many good things going for it, but also it seems to have many downsides as well. One of the biggest negative ones being that people are not communicating like they used to as much anymore. Being behind a screen somewhere else in the world disconnected from whoever you are talking to makes a massive difference, can't read body language, gauge or express tone, etc... This seems to have really pushed people towards polarization of views. Simply, most people want to pick one side or the other. In this thread, most people seem to either be sticking towards completely banning firearms or leaving things as they are. Can't say I really have a solution, as I think the intent that this individual had to commit this horrible act is really the source of the problem. Not sure how you remove intent?
  7. @Warhippy in the 40 years that you have experienced racism, have you noticed a trend in any direction? Do you experience racism more or less today?
  8. B.C. to boost minimum wage by 50 cents to $11.35

    Hey man, nice rant. I agree, raising the minimum wage is not the best solution. It is a short term solution that will, in the end reduce the buying power of everyone else in that class. A better solution like you said is to encourage people to grow their skill sets, allowing them to enrich themselves and the economy as well.
  9. Tate Olson Talk

    Looks to be a project pick. That's alright for a 7th round pick. If one day he slots in as a 5/6 dman for the canucks I will call that a win.
  10. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Thanks Nice to hear this, and I am looking forward to seeing him dominate the WHL next year.
  11. Mike Zalewski | C/LW

    Ohhh Calgary.......
  12. Mike Zalewski | C/LW

    Not bad, has decent size. Hopefully he can contribute in one way or another. Excited to see another new young player join the team.
  13. [GDT] Canucks vs Stars, March 6

  14. [GDT] Canucks vs Stars, March 6

    Looking to see what Matthias can bring. Been a while since the Canucks have had a really good 3C. Hope he can relieve the pressure on Hank & Kes like Manny used to.