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  1. Even if we pick 5th overall. That's pretty damn good. Compared to all those years we were drafting at 20th and up. 5th will be a heck of a player. But the odds of getting something other than 5th is higher too. When the dust settles...we will have a great new rookie to add to our young team. Sounds good not having to say or old team anymore. Positive vibes people.
  2. 30 points and he's a success.
  3. Kirk McLean was coaching occasionally for the Avs for a couple years there. I wonder if he's any good? Linden likes hiring his buddies.
  4. That was really good man. I love that it tells a story and the music fits well. Awesome!
  5. Just for fun they should put Horvat, Higgins, and Hansen together. I know it doesnt make sense but what does with this Canucks team. Plus it could be the triple H line. lol! We would already have the Triple B line with these guys : Baertschi - Bonino - Burrows
  6. Wow looks like you called this one! Benning is apparently too predictable. LOL!
  7. Seriously, where is this plane?!? This is the craziest thing ever. I am very hopeful (doubtful) but hopeful, that the plane landed somewhere, the passengers are safe, and something happens soon.
  8. Im retarded thanks for pointing that out. LOL!!
  9. Not a chance. lol! Even if he gets no suspension, his hearing was in NYC. I dont think he would make it to Edmonton on time. Suspense is also killing me. I have been refreshing all sorts of pages every few mins. lol!
  10. That was so nasty yet i kept watching. Its like a car wreck.
  11. Its tough to blame the goalie when the team in front of him is only scoring one or two goals a game. The goalie is always either the goat or the hero. On your point, what about the other 18 players who are paid to score?
  12. Reggie Lemelin?
  13. The parade might be a more feasible idea , but i really want to make it to a game as well. This could be the only chance to get to a Cup finals game especially to see our boys :)

  14. What you need to do is go to ticketmaster.ca and create an account for free, and set the canucks as your favorite. the second tickets go on sale you will be emailed immediately . If you fill it out with your credit card info you will be able to purchase tickets really quickly. I was just going to ask for the cheapest closest seats to the ice. Ticket are going to range grom 200-600

  15. you really serious bout goin to VAN for a game . Or would you be interested in going to the CUP parade if we win ? I really want to see Cup final game but that might prove to be impossible with how fast tickets sell out . If we win this puppy the parade would be sooo sweet to go to .