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  1. Paajarvi is going to be a star Omark as well Paajarvi reminds me of a young malkin
  2. schroeder is more nhl ready than cody hudgens.
  3. The Alex Burrows story, is really an amazing story. To come out of nowhere, undrafted, rise to the NHL, play on the 1st line with identical twins as your linemate is one of a kind. Through hard work and determination, Burrows has given hope to all of you and me. That if you want something bad enough you can have it. Burrows has been doubted all his life, and the fuel that keeps him going is to prove all the doubters wrong. He needs to prove himself every game, and because of that he hasn't missed any lessons. When you get to the top, after starting from the very bottom, you dont miss any important steps along the way. If anything we can thank cluth, its threads like this and doubters like him that have proven Alex Burrows to be the best fit for Daniel and Henrik Sedin ever. Cheers to the entire Vancouver 09/10 team and bring us a CUP We're ready for it and WE WANT THE CUP