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  1.     Its a developmental league afterall. If they get past the first round, Benning will put presure on Travis Green to play him
  2. Canucks could use some more one shot shooters.
  3.     Don't forgot Mccann can skate too. Right now Bonnino doesnt' look anything like a 2nd line center
  4. Winnipeg has a tough back to back of Min and St Louis. I think i'd rather get the last wildcard spot and face the Ducks rather than the Kings.
  5. With the turnovers it seems like he hands the puck directly to the opposition
  6. Make a lot of boneheaded plays. He makes Kassian look good.
  7.     I just checked as I have DVR. You are correct the caption did say "Jack." A fail by whoever made that mistake.
  8. Jim Hughson: "back the other way, it's a 2 on 1! Biega to Bieksa back to Biega...He scores!!"
  9. A little bit of Jannik Hansen in Virtanen when goes on breakwaways lol
  10. Why do they have Virtanen on the front of the net on the PP?! He probabaly has one of the best shots in the WHL, he should be set up in the slot to shoot.
  11.     I never had the HD channel for CITY but i clcked the channel and it working today. Try it out and see if yours is working.
  12. Jim Hughson: "Gaborik passes to Kopitar...Great save Miller! Back come the Canucks its a 2 on 1, Burrows to Bonnino... SCORES!!"
  13. i hope this leaf game ends soon.
  14. By the end of the trip, we're in the Mcdavid sweepstakes.
  15.     Why would the Rangers rest their players. They are trying to get home ice, only 2 points up on Flyers