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  1. Nah ehrhoff was soft he was great on the PP but when it came to the playoffs he was soft and a non factor
  2. How can you say bieksa is a bad d man it's like saying CDC is totally logical
  3. Even if he is better playing with hamhuis why wouldnt u want to keep bieksa to play with him because they were one of the best pairings in the playoffs
  4. well the game will probably get cancelled today against real salt lake becasue we just put in real grass and now it is pouring and paul barber was just talking on global that the game is in jeapordy of being played. Hopefully they can play but if it puts the players in danger its better to just postpone the match to another day. Well at least the Lions are playing today.
  5. you haven't been on in a while where are you

  6. bieksa played a pretty good all around game tonight he knew when to step up and when to not but he got caught once when they had a 2 on 1 but that was it, i think he played pretty good tonight, and ballard should be getting more minutes hes playing pretty good too
  7. burr is getting going now, i think we are in for another great season from burrows
  8. krog and brown haven't been in our system or on our team for two years
  9. /\ k this thread is starting to get weird
  10. right now his play doesn't deserve 3.5 mill but we gave that too him when he was playing good lets hope he can find his game and play solid for the rest of the year
  11. not for a long time i can't really remember a game when bieksa was one of the best players and scored a couple of points
  12. yeah if everyone is always praising MG then i think MG is making the right desicions
  13. Okay you got me there
  14. Yeah all we need is second line chipping in and also the third line and we will be the team that we know we are