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  1. trade deadline day!

    1. Ṣpiderman


      Make a trade!! I'm so tired lol

    2. Gäz


      I specifically didn't go to bed, because I knew if I did I wouldn't get up before noon. Let's get it on!

    3. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Prepare to be underwhelmed.

  2. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    When I first started I played 52 hours and was only level 34 as a Dark Elf. However I started over and am already level 21 in 10 hours of play as an imperial
  3. Good to hear, no worries I tend not to get on here much myself.

    I'm good thanks :)

  4. its going pretty good! sorry for not replying like a long time ago, I dont really go on here anymore, how are you?

  5. Hey there, how goes it?

  6. Nope, my schools linear, we dont have finals till the end of the year, and im okay i guess even though I have to find myself a house so I can not be living at my friends house anymore

  7. heehee


    so how are you? had finals or midterms?

  8. LOL! ahaha i like forgot the names of the songs you sent me anyways..and dont bother sending them again.. HAHA!


  9. Well you should!!!! lol xD

  10. LOL ok...

    and i prolly wont for a whillle so dont get your hopes up


  11. LOOOL no she's not, and you should

  12. :o

    wow.. she is still just as hot..

    and no i havent.. :P

    and knowing myself..most likely i wont for a while..


  13. she use to be attractive! until she cute her hair, and then like dyed it and stuff, but yeah no, she's not talented, but seeing as we are on the subject of music, ever listen to those bands? ;)

  14. LOL!


    your like the first guy i know who said that..