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  1. Just look at the bright side, JB should make better trades
  2. [Waivers] Raffi Torres on waivers

    I'm still baffled by what the Bruins were able to pull and get away with... Hard to just forget and move on...
  3. [Waivers] Raffi Torres on waivers

    Still, somehow we lost against a less skilled/fast team due to the amazing officiating.
  4. [Waivers] Raffi Torres on waivers

    He's a guy you would love to have on your team or hate to play against... If his hits don't go overboard and his conditioning is up there, this guy is trouble for any opposing team in the playoffs.
  5. They would have signed Stamkos by now if that was a first priority.
  6. I think the asking price is too much:   Retweeted BrianWilde (@BWildeCTV): The ask for Drouin appears to be an NHL roster defenceman and a Grade A prospect. ‪#‎Habs‬ ‪#‎Lightning‬ Retweeted BrianWilde (@BWildeCTV): @SantinoFasulo Blues balked on one of the parts so now they're making it more complex. No one is out until they're out.
  7. {GDT} Canucks vs Bruins @ 4pm PT on SNP

    Its a good way to see what the team has and what needs to be traded etc... at the same time the young talent gets a chance... its a win win I think.
  8. {GDT} Canucks vs Bruins @ 4pm PT on SNP

    Our experience down the middle is very thin, I hope we don't give another 40+ shots on net...
  9. On a happy note

    While I do miss the entertainment of the good old times during that SCF run, I cant help but get a sick taste in my mouth due to the piss poor reffing during the SCF... If it wasn't for the god awful and one side reffing, Canucks would have had won the cup that year. Such great, but bitter memories, I'm sorry...
  10. Mmmm... any huge contract will cripple the team, so its tough to say.
  11. So much potential with great skill and sadly, wasted... Hopefully another team will give him a chance, although he needs to change his attitude, probably should brush off his dad and really work on becoming something; he does have the potential. There is another point I'd like to make... I remember MG stating they put COHO in every situation possible to score in order to make his value go up as they had issues with his dad and were looking into trading possibilities, so perhaps COHO is not really all that as his value was inflated...
  12. That was his best period, would have been a nice touch to get the go ahead goal
  13. All these power plays and nothing to show for... painful to watch.
  14. Not as much as we would like to see, but he did take it hard to the iron once... hope his head is OK, that looked painful.
  15. Too funny. Here comes another 5 pp's to even it out.