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  1. [Report] Canucks name Travis Green new head coach

    Mmmm, not sure how I feel about this...
  2. Ugh... Tomorrow's game will be interesting Really tired of this
  3. You guys are so negative, it's a good sign. Kid has 2 assists in five NHL games and has good size Great depth player, gives all hes got
  4. ... I used to like the guy, but after I've met his dad... guy is cocky as hell, rude, bad attitude... and I can go on... however when his wife is around, the guy is a lame pussycat... Knowing quite a bit about his family and background its best to stay away unless he comes at a super duper discount like 70-80% of the salary retained by the Sabres and I still think the guy will cause more issues since he will have a greater entourage since he's from Vancouver... I don't see him changing his attitude before that contract runs out...
  5. 328 points in 381 games played, that's pretty darn good @24years old... Larsson is good and will help Edmonton's back end tremendously, but at a very high cost...
  6. Also how much is Olli Juolevi worth as a 5th pick, top D prospect 2016 draft based on this trade? Larsson was a 4th overall pick 2011
  7. That's a steal and a half for NJ... On the other hand JB doesn't look bad with overpaying for Gudbranson....
  8. [Report] Complaint of Tampering filed against Benning

    Were talking about Canucks here... NHL doesn't like us so I prepare for the worst
  9. [Report] Complaint of Tampering filed against Benning

    Sadly, it is tampering and JB should know better...
  10. [Report] Milan Lucic to hit free agency

    I have heard this exact line way too many times... it never seems to last
  11. [Report] Milan Lucic to hit free agency

    The term and the hit is not worth the above, in my opinion... he's also a depreciating asset unless he turns it up a bit
  12. [Report] Milan Lucic to hit free agency

    Slow, aging and he will want a big pay out... can't say I'm a fan
  13. I am aware its not just a 1st for a 2nd, however what upsets me and most others is the fact Shink never got the chance at NHL... Granlund doesn't have the stellar stats @NHL level either... 14-14 in 86 games or something. Also were trading a player with offensive capabilities to a division rival...
  14. Well, trading 1st rounder's for 2nd rounder's is not making this team better, regardless of where we stand @ the trade line Were slowly running out of assets and Francesco Aquilini & JB think we can make the playoffs... Lets see we got 58pts with 23 games to go ... to qualify in the playoffs I am assuming 96 pts ore better...they need to win 19 out of 23 or the equivalent to have a shot to the playoffs this season... Bad trade unless a bigger trade is coming from this.