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  1. [Report] Canucks name Travis Green new head coach

    Mmmm, not sure how I feel about this...
  2. Ugh... Tomorrow's game will be interesting Really tired of this
  3. You guys are so negative, it's a good sign. Kid has 2 assists in five NHL games and has good size Great depth player, gives all hes got
  4. ... I used to like the guy, but after I've met his dad... guy is cocky as hell, rude, bad attitude... and I can go on... however when his wife is around, the guy is a lame pussycat... Knowing quite a bit about his family and background its best to stay away unless he comes at a super duper discount like 70-80% of the salary retained by the Sabres and I still think the guy will cause more issues since he will have a greater entourage since he's from Vancouver... I don't see him changing his attitude before that contract runs out...
  5. 328 points in 381 games played, that's pretty darn good @24years old... Larsson is good and will help Edmonton's back end tremendously, but at a very high cost...
  6. Also how much is Olli Juolevi worth as a 5th pick, top D prospect 2016 draft based on this trade? Larsson was a 4th overall pick 2011
  7. That's a steal and a half for NJ... On the other hand JB doesn't look bad with overpaying for Gudbranson....
  8. Were talking about Canucks here... NHL doesn't like us so I prepare for the worst
  9. Sadly, it is tampering and JB should know better...
  10. [Report] Milan Lucic to hit free agency

    I have heard this exact line way too many times... it never seems to last
  11. [Report] Milan Lucic to hit free agency

    The term and the hit is not worth the above, in my opinion... he's also a depreciating asset unless he turns it up a bit
  12. [Report] Milan Lucic to hit free agency

    Slow, aging and he will want a big pay out... can't say I'm a fan
  13. Bruce Boudreau Fired by the Anaheim Ducks

    They need more from the top end guys... Also getting four consecutive division titles and losing all game seven at home probably didn't help his cause. On a side note, I find it funny considering Kesler's positivity last year as I recall he assured the fans this game seven situation will never happen again... that was at the end of game seven conference title ... he was really betting the team would make the final this year instead of yet another game seven disappointing loss at home in the first round... Ducks are in for a rude cap awakening soon...
  14. How the hell do you trade a ufa or a ntc until 2019 for a 1st round pick... Lol, even if both GM's were pissed drunk, these trades are not possible If Edler doesn't waive his ntc, he can't even be traded for a bag of pucks. He's also stated in the past he will not be interested in waiving Hammer is a ufa and can go to any team he chooses to go to, he also mentioned he wants to stay in Vancouver due to family matters