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  1. Agree - the problem stems right at the top. Like any organization,change must start there, so Aqua-Lini should sell the team to a new group that really wants to win and not use the franchise as a tax write-off against real-estate investments.
  2. Personally, I think the Arena is haunted and it should be torn down !
  3. I was at the Costco in Richmond on Thursday and there were no more body suits, gloves, mask or toilet paper. Sounds like "a $h1t show" is about to happen ! Hope not and everyone remains calm.
  4. This should not affect us too much because our fans are generally well grounded - normal people and not the type to rush out and buy up every last sheet of toilet paper & useless surgical Mask just because that's what they see back in the motherland!
  5. Abbreviated Game Recap: Loui sucks - Zac Rules ! (next time someone gets sent down to the minors it should be LE - end of story!
  6. Why isn't Zac on the ice than LE and why not on the 2nd PP ? bench the senior citizens!