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  1. That's exactly the way it looked at home!
  2. Willies post game comments: " The boys should of play Harder against a hard team. If we would have played Harder we have hardly seen these hard results and I would have been harder!"
  3. Hahahaha LOL !!!!!
  4. What? You don't like uncle Willie???? but he's such a swell guy!
  5. Edler, looked pretty bad tonight. Slow, uncoordinated, bad passes, caught out of position, knocked off the puck several times, missed shots on net....... need I go on ! Just another night for Edler.
  6. I agree, the more he plays, the more he's looking average. Not very encouraging knowing he's going to take the helm next year.
  7. Yea Uncle Willie should have told the boys to play "HARDER". Eh Willie !
  8. Yea Uncle Willie, sure doesn't know how to motivate them like the Hawks coach!
  9. Is it Christmas Tomorrow???
  10. Uncle Willies Post game comments: "We played a Hard game but the wings played Harder. If we play Harder next game we'll get Hard results and I'll have a good HARD feeling for the boys".
  11. Great Tribute to Uncle Willie. I'm holding back the He'll finally get shipped out back to Alberta!
  12. FREE WILLIE --- NOW!
  13. What a disgraceful performance. Lindon should start acting like a President and take charge of this disgusting situation. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VANCOUVER DESERVES BETTER. THIS IS NOT TORONTO!
  14. GOODBYE UNCLE WILLIE ........ tHE BUS THE HAT LEAVES IN 10 MINUTES...................
  15. NO THEY ARE OVER for Uncle Willie. Even TL can't ignore the insanity!