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  1. True - and Agree. I forgot we had one.
  2. I think there should be a bonus question on how many times Uncle Willie will use the word "HARD" in his post game press conference. (Thanks for your efforts!)
  3. The Question should be: "WHAT PIECE DO WE HAVE ????????"
  4. Too much for the cr^p we have to watch. They MUST cut prices down to match the value of the product or I guarantee they will see a mass exodus this year. Ticket holders are pi$$ed. I know 15-20 season ticket holders that are MAD!
  5. Always wondered what happened to "Doughnut Boy"...............
  6. Going from regular plastic beer glasses to the Sippy-Cups (the one's with the girls flap). ! Any other questions................!
  7. Great Post! Erikson can GO ! He is not even worth $3M let alone $6M. His aqua-sition was another sad attempt by the Aqua-Lini's to patch a sinking ship! Sooner the Aqua-Lini's sell the team to owners who care and know what they're doing - the better ! .......and take Uncle Willie with you!
  8. Not really,but he's sweedish. Isn't that good enough to play with the Canucks?
  9. Larsen is a BANTAM sized player playing in a men's leaugue
  10. Here-here. POST of THE MONTH!
  11. Stands are empty.......that's whay poor Management gets you..... Time for AQUA-LINI to sell the team to someone who cares and just doesn't use the team as a tax write off to offset profits in real-estate!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Maybe has "a thing" going with UNCLE Willie after the games.....
  13. Is that Video a reflection of Tramkin's last defensive paly that led to the goal?
  14. They should trade him for a good soft sweed. That oughta do the trick!
  15. You are amongst the rare Ten thousand or so people that have noticed. Congratulations, now if only management could see what we see!