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  1. Let me wordsmith your comments a bit....."Reasonable post, Green and Brown are garbage and beat on figuring out the other teams trap ! Ah....................that's more like it!
  2. I agree and good point. If you go back and look at most of the PP goals earlier in the season and the PP attempts in the last few games, the glaring difference is that we've recoiled back to the ol' passing around the perimeter routine - that is much less effective. This comes back down to the coaches motivating and pushing the players to go back into the dirty zone and "earn" the goals.
  3. Answer: Same Coach - same in-effective coaching strategy. Enough said. P.S. Green & Newell's days are numbered (thank god)
  4. Countdown on Green is well underway ! Don't kid yourself - he knows the train has left the station!
  5. As I've been saying for awhile, Green is just an "interim" coach that is routinely outcoached and will be replaced shortly as the team is just about ready for an experienced leader now that we are over the hump. I suspect this is his last year and unless they make it to the playoffs will be sacked before the end of the season as the honeymoon period is Loooooooooooooong over for this guy!
  6. It's November - that's what happened and Green hasn't figured out how to keep the boys motivated thru November yet.
  7. geez, don't get me going on that. I only have 1 beer left and its' almost 3:00 in the morning!
  8. Well that's an easy question: You could approach him and just casually say " hey, i saw the same 1 pound gold chain at Ikea for $10 bucks".
  9. You're a mind reader ! Thanks................
  10. Hopefully after Erickson was benched in the third it will be the last time we ever see him in a Canucks Jersey. He is a useless, over-the hill floater and it makes my stomach turn watching his effortless play. I'm sick and tired watching him constantly bending over and reaching out 5 feet with his stick - rather than engage the other player LIKE A MAN! He is a freeloading parasitic wimp that must be eliminated from the roster and put on barge, pushed out to sea towards Europe where he can't cause any more damage and show younger players bad habits. I'll pay for his boat ticket!
  11. Thankfully Green is just an interim coach. We are less than two years away from getting a real coach just as the team emerges from the depths of the bowels of the earth and rise up from the ashes to be a contender finally being ready for a real coach. Stay patient - change is on the way!!! (..........and yes, he was seriously out coached again in the last two games - pretty obvious - even to the blind!)