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  1. Try 2-3 worthwhile games. After the fiasco in Ontario and Quebec with the last tourney, there will be swaths of empty seats. No one wants to see Albania Vs. Pluto x 13 games.
  2. Well said! Nothing more to add.........
  3. Lower ticket prices and put a decent product on the ice and that will happen. (Not Rocket Science)
  4. Well, if you buy into the baseless propaganda and spin, I wouldn't expect anything less. Reality is that this team has a half century losing streak and things aren't getting any rosier!
  5. Has anyone heard the word on the street, that the Canucks team store may offer an Uncle Willie memorabilia Vibrating Penguin wind-up toy next year? Any truth to that?
  6. As I said on March 12th, WD was destined to be fired and the 1040 homeboys would eat their last lunch - and both my predictions were once again 100% accurate !
  7. Another great 20 Minute effort by the team - Eh Willie !
  8. If Edler was a little quicker, he may have stopped that. But it's Edler - what do you expect.
  9. Thankfully we only have 28 days left to watch Larsen until he's punted back to Medicine Hat with Uncle Willie! There's bad and then there's "BAD"!
  10. Once Uncle Wille is fired in 28 days, 10 hours and 42 minutes, the Canucks organization should turn the page and fire all of their scouts who have an almost perfect record of failing us for 45 years, then take the hatchet to the 2 John "Home boys" announcers and then Ian. Management need to get rid of the "STALE" image of this team and have to start soon before there are few fans left!
  11. Who is Jake Virtanen ?
  12. This Topic can Locked-Down anytime as it is pretty obvious that Uncle Willie and his sidekick Larsen will be on a greyhound back to Medicine Hat at 9:32 p.m. Mountain time April 9th. Enough said!