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  1. Is this the night Willie gets canned?
  2. Results speak for themselves. Willie is approaching the end of his leash, so when do you think Management calls it a day with Willie and who do you think should replace him?
  3. Your post might be short but highlights the key points accurately. MILLER is burned out and needs a break, No fight left in the team and the defense is sub-AHL - borderline Junior caliber. The Sedins can't make two passes in a row and the veterans can't seem to score on any opportunities. Willey is juggling lines so much in desperation that there is no chemistry on any line. As for the PP, tit is time for change -PERIOD. We saw WD stick with this same format fro 82 games last year and it was a disaster all season long. He's doing the exact same thing this year with the same results. Give it a break Willie and give it up.
  4. Is Willie slow? You know what I mean.....
  5. Willie needs to put a new 1st line PP out there. The Sedins and whoever struggled all of last year and here we go again with no results. CHANGE IT UP WILLIE
  6. NO WAY W.D. can justify keeping Vey - even as stick boy. Last game he had 3 minutes of silver platter opportunity in front of the Edmonton net and missed everything. He is even worse than last year and everyone knows that! He'll be at the train station after tonight!
  7. He looks very solid and MUST be given a chance . Corrado has fallen a step behind, so send him down to get in shape and he'll be in better condition when we need him in the next few weeks when one of the other d's gets injured.
  8. We finally got rid of freeloading good-for-nothing parasitic Bieska. The last thing we need is replace him with Vey. Try to get him thru waivers down to the farm and if we lose him - so what. He is of no value on the team in the condition he's at.
  9. Agreed! Try it again tonight. What ever happens they have to add a few young guns to the roster. CHANGE HAS TO START SOMEWHERE!
  10. I agree. Vey did not earn a spot this year anymore than last year. If Willie is a man he'll call a spade a spade and send Vey packing tonight. He shouldn't spend a second more on that overhyped let-down.
  11. If they can get a trade for him great. Maybe one of the desperate teams over in the eastern girls division like T.O. will jump for him.
  12. Good choices. 99.999% will agree with you. Only Willie and his dog will disagree with you.
  13. Cracknuts stays - Vey goes......and never comes back!