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  1. Superbowl XLVIII

    Aside from Russell Wilson, the Seahawks are probably the most arrogant bunch in the league (even well before Richard Sherman's rant last night). How anyone outside of Seattle could cheer for them is beyond me. Grew up watching Manning and Harrison, so definitely hoping Peyton will shred that D into pieces.
  2. exactly lmao, my apologies my friend
  3. Classic, nothing to answer with so you bring up something completely irrelevant to the Leafs and the argument theres a reason Brian Burke is a GM and you're not
  4. its interesting you brought up how many points Seguin has in this young season while disregarding that Kessel is 2nd in the NHL behind Sid still waiting on how any player from that trade (not from the Stars) could have nearly as big an impact on this offensively challenged team
  5. good for the Bruins for stealing Erikkson to the Stars and dumping Peverly to the Stars but thats the Stars fault, the Leafs werent involved in those negotiations and you didnt mention Seguins off ice issues which were a huge reason why the Bruins didnt want him so disregarding whatever blunders the Stars made, I fail to see how the Leafs would be a better team right now without Kessel
  6. thats cute, when Phil Kessel was in his 3rd year had 36 goals, and at 26 hes not exactly an old man you know who had the best/plus minus in the league in 2004? Marek Malik..i guess he's better than Phil Kessel too I dont care what Seguin has so in 13 games so far, he had 1 goal in 22 playoff games last season where as Phil was lights out I do like Loui Erikkson but the Leafs needed a goal scorer and you're crazy if you think any of those players would have been as successful on Toronto playing with the supporting cast Kessel has
  7. not even Boston would still take Seguin, hence them trading him away still too early to tell for Dougie Hamilton though, but tough for anyone to say he'll be as impactful as a Phil Kessel dont be surprised when the Leafs do make the playoffs and Phil is around the 40 goal mark
  8. big Moulson fan but this a great point we have no idea what goes on in negotiations, Moulson could very well hate NY and Vanek is an amazing player I recall not too long ago the majority of people saying Kessel for two 1sts (Seguin and some other guy) was a bad trade by the leafs...let time pass before passing judgement, these GMs know more than we do
  9. NFL thread

    these are beautiful nostalgic feelings of sitting in front of a fire place on cold sunday mornings while listening to the CBS theme and the NBC one has me wondering how I can possibly still enjoy SNF once Al Michaels retires.
  10. NFL thread

    Edgerrin James and Marvin Harrison will be in attendance for Sundays game! As someone who grew up watching that exciting Indy offence all those years, I cant wait. With everything surrounding it, I think Colts/Broncos will be the game of the year.
  11. Name That Canuck!

    Larry Courville
  12. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    hes an embarassment
  13. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    F BURROWS!! you know vancouvers effed up when people are idolizing plugs like burrows