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  1. hey baby, whats ur digits?

  2. Nover got TKo'd man.. pretty bad MACHIDA MACHIDA MACHIDA.. just as i thought. His style is too unique.. did anyone else see the way rashad fell?.. LOLL that was too funny
  3. lol yea dude outside of UFC.. fedor is the MMA world although it would be awesome to see him fight some more heavyweights in the UFC
  4. lol i feel bad for jason macdonald.. canadian guy.. hes got heart but hes gonna get rocked ahaha
  5. thiago silva vs forrest griffin.. wow that fight is gonna be amazing, sheer force vs sheer durability i can see it being a slugger fest and going to decision
  6. global warming is a hoax. the government wants to scare you fellow citizens today its a breach of your trust, and tommorow they're gonna steal your baby.
  7. lol crap, i wanted to see jackson vs evans before machida fought either one of those guys for the title machida is gonna win the title 100% jackson vs evans woulda been such a great fight though, THERE AINT GON BE NO BLACK ON BLACK CRIME
  8. lol @ koschek getting knocked out did anyone else see that combo by nate marquardt? that was pro he missed the backfist but the finish was just sick COUTURE VS CRO COP ufc 99? 100?
  9. lmfao rofl omfg.
  10. lol look man, emelianenko may be skilled.. but he'd get rock'n'chopped in the LHW division in the UFC guys like Rashad Evans and Lyoto Machida would give him a pretty tough time in the octagon if u look at fedor's career in retrospect... his fighting style wouldnt be too effective in the UFC and he hasnt fought the world's best fighters exactly. he sometimes just moves outta the way n lets the fight roll in an attempt to find an opening like what happened against arlovski.. arlovski had him in cornered, groggy.. n then he came up outta no where with the big right hand. In the UFC.. he woulda got knocked out in that situation by a fighter like Rashad Evans or Machida even in the HW division.. lesnar wouldve rocked him if he had him cornered like Arlovski did.