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  1. You are right, Garrison looked pretty bad last night...And Edler has been rough...But I truly believe Garrison is going to be a beast when he gets rolling, and Edler will round out as well. That looked like some terrible ice in the third period and guys were tired...So many guys were falling down, puck was bouncing all over...I think the guys just need a week or so more to get their timing down...especially for one-timers, and to eliminate bonehead passes through the middle...just wait. The main concern I have is when LA wanted to, they were able to just hammer on our team and dominate physically...We really do look small...Kassian is only 1 big tough body, nobody else seems to have any real jam...Volpatti and Weise just don't play enough shifts to be relevant on a consistent basis, especially in third period and close games. The Kings were just hammering our defence, and our forwards had no chance in puck battles along the boards. Love our speed and possession game, but when we don't have possession we are in big trouble...So maybe a few more weeks, and passes will get crisper, the twins will find their groove, Garrison will start dropping bombs on net, Kassian will keep rolling, Booth and Kes will be back, and Edler will be on top of his game...Plus we may have some new big talent up front in return for Lu. All that and I think we are gonna be good.