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  1. Can we get Florida to dress Trevor Kid, and reenact the oct 6th game where H.Sedin got his first nhl point, while Luongo watched from the bench! Problem solved Luongo!
  2. Willie .... put out an offensive line you moron! 2 icings and both times he puts out grinders!!!
  3. An Icing and willie puts out the 4th line???
  4. Why the hell is megna a fringe NHL'er in while Rodin a clearly offensively gifted player sitting.... WD your not a Wizard, you can't make magic happen! just play the best players to their given Strengths!!!!!
  5. Beautiful start to the 2nd GREAT Pressure!!!
  6. why the hell is willie not running a 4th liner as d? toss guance on d he's defensivly minded anyways... also that ferland hit was easily late the puck was long gone
  7. The Goalie has by far the most significant impact as to the outcome of the game. You could counter argue that a coach gets to decide which goalie plays, but the position of Goaltender, and how well the player in that position plays, has the most impact to the outcome of the game.
  8. Gooseberries now tanev is going to score a goal!!
  9. lol and willie still hates him....
  10. I see no reason why an icing shouldn't be included. its very cut and dry what should be a icing. when the refs miss one and the other team scores as a result, the coach should be able to appeal it.
  11. why Not challenge the goal .....
  12. Trade stock just went up!!!
  13. The Sedins Will forever be Canucks!!!! Linden will be here for awhile by my guess. Willie will be the first to go!!
  14. How is that not a Head Shot!!!! He came from the blind side at full speed, made no attempt to slow, elevates up he's on his damn toes at the time of impact!!!!