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  1. WHY THE HELL IS THIS GUY ALLOWED TO KEEP DOING THISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! frack U!!!!!!!
  2. your a fool. burrows is a huge asset to this team and even at his new salary an awsome deal. For one thing his work ethic and passion is incredible. He plays hard and whenever hes out and I always see battling like crazy, and coming back to the bench with his face red. He dosnt give up on plays, wins battles, is physical and strong on the puck, hes fast, hes an excellent passer and has a great shot. Some of the plays ive seen him make with the sedins lately have been incredible. He seems to find the open ice well and has great patience. Many of his goals are from second efforts, and he is an excellent forechecker. He always seems to be bearing down on the net and getting chances these days. Then of course there IS the fact that he a great checker and hes good on the pk. Krog, davison? Are you joking? Im a big fan of burrows and i feel he is one of the teams best players. Hopfully he will continue to be an asset to the canucks organization for many years to come.