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  1. WOW
  2. Wouldn't mind the Canucks drafting him in the 1st round Good job, nice to read about future drafties.
  3. Aldo is an absolute monster.
  4. Silva was lucky to beat Sonnen who would've won the decision without a doubt.
  5. No I mean all I hear is how Shields will fight GSP next even though GSP hasn't beaten Koscheck to retain... yet.
  6. Everyone seems to forget GSP is fighting Koscheck. I don't see why all this GSP vs Shields talk is being talked about as a sure thing
  7. Velasquez :towel: What a career he has ahead of him.
  8. Brilliance.
  9. Late night lounge is for people who are up late.
  10. The Reigning-Champ has a very punny sense of humour and I know this from his sig. Well played sir, well played.
  11. awh u have no friends. :P

  12. Page 420 nuff' said
  13. still go to sleep at 4am everyday.
  14. You just blew my mind with the memories of this song.