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  1. I am hoping he is more like Corey Perry. He has the same demeanor off the ice (soft spoken and unassuming) and on the ice (edgy with skill). If he can establish himself early as someone who won't be pushed around he won't have to fight all comers especially as he gains respect. I love Perry's game. I'm not suggesting Jake will be as good as Perry. But I see some similarities. They can be a bit unpredictable and back it up. That intimidates people. I can only hope.
  2. People on this board confuse me. I am from Abbotsford and have followed this kid since he went to school here. He's a good kid with an edge on the ice. He is the fastest skater, he is not small, he can put the puck in the net, he stands up for himself and team mates, he hits, he plays a north / south game, he wants to play for the Canucks and he is motivated. Previous complaints on this board. " We are too small, we are too slow, we pass too much, we need a shooter, we have no toughness, we need people who want to play here, no more Europeans......... So people want Ritchie and Europeans..... Jake apparently isn't what this team needs. I am so confused. He is exactly what this team needs more of. Will he pan out, just as much chance as any of the others outside the top four. If he doesn't turn into a top six. I would be surprised. And in the event he doesn't he is still a very useful player. I like the pick and the package he brings. It's what this team needs more of. Take a look at L.A. and the current successful teams for evidence. I'm thankful that we aren't running this organization.
  3. In response to Granpappy above regarding splitting up the Sedin's I would hope that they would play a more straightforward game and adapt to the players around them. They aren't fast but can keep up. They are both good with the puck and finding open ice. Hopefully their attributes would help their linemates and the change would get them to adapt to more of a transition/turnover and counter attack game that I think Coach D will be looking for. The pure cycle game the Sedin's now default to doesn't work like it used to. The good teams have learned to defend them. It would also bring more balance to the top six if it worked.
  4. Anything can happen obviously. The up tempo game Coach D is promising is good news, but to me the bottom 6 will be what makes a huge difference if they can actually roll 4 lines that can contribute. We will need some luck and rebound seasons from a number of players and a couple of surprise performances. It would be great if Kassian and Jensen could produce. And as always with this team injuries are a huge issue. I would like to see the Sedin's split up. A top six of: Jensen Sedin Vrbata Sedin Bonino Kassian Cycling used to work, but good team's have figured out how to stop the Sedin's.
  5. Benning isn't done. This team in my opinion is better than last years team already (deeper) and will be better as time goes on. LA, Anaheim, Chicago etc. have a few years head start. Imagine if Vancouver could somehow find a legit LW for the second line with some size preferably. (maybe its Jensen, maybe Shinkaruk drastically surprises, maybe Burrows is reborn) and a shutdown RH defenseman. They could surprise. Every team should continuously be rebuilding. The good teams do, that's how they remain good. We have lost a few years but I believe we are back on track. At least this team won't be awful, they just won't likely contend for a cup for a while without some luck.