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  1. Jake Virtanen Talk

    I am hoping he is more like Corey Perry. He has the same demeanor off the ice (soft spoken and unassuming) and on the ice (edgy with skill). If he can establish himself early as someone who won't be pushed around he won't have to fight all comers especially as he gains respect. I love Perry's game. I'm not suggesting Jake will be as good as Perry. But I see some similarities. They can be a bit unpredictable and back it up. That intimidates people. I can only hope.
  2. Jake Virtanen Talk

    People on this board confuse me. I am from Abbotsford and have followed this kid since he went to school here. He's a good kid with an edge on the ice. He is the fastest skater, he is not small, he can put the puck in the net, he stands up for himself and team mates, he hits, he plays a north / south game, he wants to play for the Canucks and he is motivated. Previous complaints on this board. " We are too small, we are too slow, we pass too much, we need a shooter, we have no toughness, we need people who want to play here, no more Europeans......... So people want Ritchie and Europeans..... Jake apparently isn't what this team needs. I am so confused. He is exactly what this team needs more of. Will he pan out, just as much chance as any of the others outside the top four. If he doesn't turn into a top six. I would be surprised. And in the event he doesn't he is still a very useful player. I like the pick and the package he brings. It's what this team needs more of. Take a look at L.A. and the current successful teams for evidence. I'm thankful that we aren't running this organization.
  3. I'm not insinuating that he would or the team would consider it. I was just curious if it was an option. The only positive would be the fact he was playing against men instead of boys. Oh and Stanky one (I'm hoping its not a hygiene issue), thanks for the thoughtful facepalm. Were you just waiting to use it for the day, if so your welcome off to bed you have summer school.... oh wait no summer school this year. Sorry.
  4. In response to Granpappy above regarding splitting up the Sedin's I would hope that they would play a more straightforward game and adapt to the players around them. They aren't fast but can keep up. They are both good with the puck and finding open ice. Hopefully their attributes would help their linemates and the change would get them to adapt to more of a transition/turnover and counter attack game that I think Coach D will be looking for. The pure cycle game the Sedin's now default to doesn't work like it used to. The good teams have learned to defend them. It would also bring more balance to the top six if it worked.
  5. Would the Canucks be able to loan Horvat to a men's team in the Swedish Elite league for a year?
  6. Anything can happen obviously. The up tempo game Coach D is promising is good news, but to me the bottom 6 will be what makes a huge difference if they can actually roll 4 lines that can contribute. We will need some luck and rebound seasons from a number of players and a couple of surprise performances. It would be great if Kassian and Jensen could produce. And as always with this team injuries are a huge issue. I would like to see the Sedin's split up. A top six of: Jensen Sedin Vrbata Sedin Bonino Kassian Cycling used to work, but good team's have figured out how to stop the Sedin's.
  7. Jared McCann Talk

    Benning isn't done. This team in my opinion is better than last years team already (deeper) and will be better as time goes on. LA, Anaheim, Chicago etc. have a few years head start. Imagine if Vancouver could somehow find a legit LW for the second line with some size preferably. (maybe its Jensen, maybe Shinkaruk drastically surprises, maybe Burrows is reborn) and a shutdown RH defenseman. They could surprise. Every team should continuously be rebuilding. The good teams do, that's how they remain good. We have lost a few years but I believe we are back on track. At least this team won't be awful, they just won't likely contend for a cup for a while without some luck.
  8. [Signing] Linden Vey accepts qualifying offer

    This team needs a shutdown RH defenseman with some size and a top six left wing. Those are the needs then its tweaking after that. Could be interesting if they can get one or both of those needs filled. If they gel and Miller is the Miller of old, anything is possible. But 2nd line LW (maybe Jensen or Shinkaruk surprise) and a top pair shutdown D are a must in my opinion.
  9. To the people saying "trade Burrows" ....

    I love Burrows the player. He is one of the few players that always seems to show up, even if it doesn't show up on the score sheet. Younger players need these role models (see Edmonton for the alternative) Burrows is the most versatile player this team has (when playing good hockey, I personally think last year was an anomaly) He can play top line with the Sedins, second line, third line, penalty kill, left wing, right wing pretty much a swiss army knife with heart. I'm torn on this one. If the right deal came along or he was taking up a roster spot and wasn't productive I would move him. I agree the return won't be great. But it's the roster spot/opportunity for a younger player and the cap space that would make it the right move. Plus we may get some calls for us instead of against us. The poor guy is blacklisted by the ref's, some deserved, some not. If he's here I'm okay with it. But I would like to see a younger player get an opportunity to grow, just like he did. Maybe he needs to go to allow this to happen.
  10. Post your opening night Vancouver Canucks Roster

    Horvat is CHL or NHL bound. He can't paly in the AHL.
  11. Post your opening night Vancouver Canucks Roster

    Jensen - Sedin - Vrbata - (I know I know the Sedins wont be separated but I can dream. Makes a better top six imho). Sedin - Bonino - Kassian Higgins - Horvat - Burrows Matthias - Vey- Richardson Hamhuis - Bieksa Edler - Tanev Sbisa - Weber Miller Lack Corrado - continues to develop and gets to be a bit of a leader for the Comets. Stanton - is the extra D Dorsett and Sestito - used as required - injuries / tougher opponents I like that Horvat is surrounded by two experienced and consummate professionals to show him the way and support him.
  12. I agree mostly. The Canucks need to remain competitive in this market or they will get roasted by fans and media alike plus young players need to be developed in a winning environment (see Edmonton for the alternative). So they bridge with players like Vrbata and Miller to buy a couple of years. Benning and Linden are smart and they know what they have.
  13. Tony Gallagher drops a suicide reference in latest article

    Very true. Like most cities media report the worst to make them look the best (as in they know more and have better sources.) Its not about journalism anymore, it's about sensationalism and mud flinging. Boys will be boys.
  14. Tony Gallagher drops a suicide reference in latest article

    Like most of his commentary he tries to be witty and ground breaking at the same time. He uses analogies because he thinks they make him appear witty. They don't make him appear to be anything but flippant and lazy. Like Botchford, without the Canucks to write about, Gallagher and Botchford would not have a job nor a platform to criticize others for something they could never hope to achieve. He isn't smart enough to make the connection between what he said and Rick Rypien (R.I.P.) Therefore, he can't understand the problem with making the comment.
  15. How do other hockey fans view the Canucks?

    I personally think the media made the Canucks out to be the bad guys over the last few years and eventually perception becomes reality. Ron Wilson, Mike Milbury and the like perpetuated a few incidents and ran with them. It makes for good TV. I love what Willie D said when a reporter recently started off a question with something like "now that the Sedins are no longer elite players...." Willie cut him off and said "They are still elite players" I thought finally. This regime is respected. Linden, Benning, Willie D.... they have earned some respect around the league. This will help. I love Burrows passion and he has done a lot for this team. But sadly I think he would be the last of the players left that were wrongly persecuted by the media in my opinion. It may be best to move him, not only for that reason, but it maybe best for a number of reasons. The Sedins will always be knocked by some. I for one respect their play and their dedication to this city. Everyone who doesn't see that isn't being objective. They were never meant to be or claimed to be physical players. They were never surrounded by the right team mates who should have done this for them. Like the Bruins et al.